Aurea Condo

99 Years

Nicoll Highway
6 Mins’ Walk

Q3 2024

TOP Date

Aurea Condo, a 99 Years condominium development in District 7, offers approximately 2028 residential units suitable for families and professionals. Developed by Far East, Sino Land, & Perennial Holdings, the project is conveniently located on 5001 Beach Road, just a 6-minute walk from Nicoll Highway MRT Station. The development features a variety of unit types ranging from 1-4 bedrooms to cater to different buyer preferences. Its proximity to Nicoll Highway MRT station ensures excellent connectivity to public transport, making it an attractive choice for residents. Showflat Preview On Q3 2024.

Aurea Condo

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Aurea Condo

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Aurea Condo

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golden mile Condo

Aurea Condo


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Aurea Condo Factsheet

golden mile Condo
ProjectAurea Condo
Tenure99 Years
DeveloperFar East, Sino Land, & Perennial Holdings
Plot Ratio2.8
No. of UnitsEst 2028 Units
No. of StoreysEst of 30 storeys 
Site Area602,779 sqft | 56,000 sqm
Address5001 Beach Road
NeighbourhoodBeach Road
Expected TOP2028
DescriptionAurea Condo, situated at 5001 Beach Road in D7, stands as a project by Far East, Sino Land, & Perennial Holdings. This development presents a diverse selection of 1-4 bedroom units, catering to a broad spectrum of buyers and investors. For a detailed exploration of Aurea Condo, visit
Aurea Condo Factsheet Table

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Location – Neighbourhood & Transportation

Immerse yourself in the epitome of urban sophistication at Aurea Condo, nestled in the pulsating heart of Singapore’s District 7. Standing proudly at 5001 Beach Road, this iconic development is a testament to architectural excellence and strategic urban planning. Here, you’re not just choosing a home; you’re choosing a lifestyle that harmoniously blends dynamism with tranquility.

Prime Location with Dual Frontage

At Aurea Condo, you’re graced with a prestigious address that enjoys dual frontage along Beach Road and Nicoll Highway. This unique feature not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of the development but also ensures you’re treated to breathtaking panoramic views of Singapore’s southern skyline, including iconic landmarks like the Singapore Flyers and Marina Bay Sands.

Seamless Connectivity to the City and Beyond

Your home at Aurea Condo places you at the heart of connectivity. A mere 4-minute sheltered walk takes you to Nicoll Highway MRT Station, providing swift access to various key locations across Singapore. The proximity to major expressways also means that the rest of the city is easily within reach, whether you’re commuting or seeking leisure.

Nearby Amenities

Shopping and Dining

Residents can enjoy a variety of nearby shopping malls, including:

  • Suntec City
  • Marina Square
  • Bugis Junction
  • Raffles City
  • City Square Mall
  • Mustafa Centre
  • Kallang Wave Mall


For daily essentials, several supermarkets are conveniently located nearby:

  • NTUC Fairprice at Kitchener Complex
  • NTUC Fairprice at Hyper Sports Hub
  • Giant at New World Centre
  • NTUC Fairprice at Rochor Centre
  • Cold Storage Bugis Junction
  • Cold Storage Kallang Leisure Park
  • NTUC Fairprice at City Square Mall
  • NTUC Fairprice at Upper Boon Keng
  • Giant at Upper Boon Keng Road
  • Sheng Siong Hypermarket at The Verge
  • Jason’s Market Place
  • Cold Storage Pomo Centre

Food Centres

Experience a variety of affordable and delectable local cuisines at Golden Mile Food Centre, located directly opposite Aurea.

Educational Institutions

Primary Schools within 1 km:

  • Stamford Primary School
  • Farrer Park Primary School

Primary Schools within 1-2 km:

  • Hong Wen School
  • St. Margaret’s Primary School
  • Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

Other Nearby Schools:

  • School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA)
  • Insworld Institute
  • St. Joseph’s Institution Junior

Recreational and Green Spaces

Aurea Condo offers proximity to several parks, perfect for outdoor activities:

  • Kallang Riverside Park – Ideal for jogging, kayaking, dragon boating, and picnicking.
  • War Memorial Park
  • Youth Olympic Park
  • Esplanade Park

East Coast Park

Just a 15-minute drive away, East Coast Park offers a wide range of recreational and sporting activities.

Residents of Aurea Condo enjoy unparalleled convenience and a vibrant lifestyle with these amenities and institutions. Whether you’re shopping, dining, or seeking recreational activities, everything you need is within easy reach.

Floor Plans & Site Plan

Aurea Condo, situated in the heart of Singapore’s bustling District 7, emerges as a beacon of modern luxury from the transformation of the iconic Golden Mile Complex. This mixed-use development, a collaborative effort by Perennial Holdings, Far East Organization, and Sino Land, aims to revolutionize urban living. It features meticulously designed floor plans and a comprehensive site plan that blends heritage with contemporary luxury.

Unveiling Aurea Condo’s Diverse Floor Plans

At Aurea Condo, you’ll find a variety of unit types designed to meet the needs of its future residents. From cozy 1-bedroom units perfect for individuals and couples, to expansive 4-bedroom units ideal for large families, each space is crafted with modern and functional layouts to ensure the ultimate living experience.

  • 1-Bedroom Units: Ranging from approximately 474 sqft to 527 sqft, these units offer a perfect blend of comfort and style.
  • 2-Bedroom Units: Spanning approximately 678 sqft to 829 sqft, these units are ideal for small families or those desiring more space, featuring generously sized bedrooms and living areas.
  • 3-Bedroom Units: Covering approximately 1,055 sqft to 1,098 sqft, tailored for larger families requiring additional space and privacy.
  • 4-Bedroom Units: The largest units, ranging from approximately 1,496 sqft to 1,518 sqft, provide luxurious living spaces and modern amenities.

Each unit is a testament to high-quality finishes and fittings, from premium appliances and fixtures to luxurious flooring and countertops, ensuring a sophisticated living environment.

Comprehensive Site Plan: A Sanctuary of Amenities

Aurea Condo’s site plan is designed to maximize space while preserving a scenic environment, offering a sanctuary of amenities that cater to fitness, leisure, and social activities.

  • State-of-the-Art Gym: Equipped with the latest fitness equipment for staying fit and healthy.
  • Clubhouse & Social Spaces: Ample room for events, gatherings, and socializing with neighbors.
  • Playground & BBQ Area: Ideal for families, allowing for enjoyable outdoor activities and gatherings.
  • Swimming Pool: Features a swimming pool with a hydrotherapy system for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Additionally, the development includes a co-working space, providing a convenient solution for remote workers, students, or entrepreneurs.

Strategic Location & Connectivity

Located at 5001 Beach Road, Aurea Condo boasts dual frontage along Beach Road and Nicoll Highway, offering panoramic views of the city and sea. Its proximity to major transportation hubs ensures unparalleled access to the Central Business District (CBD) and beyond, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a dynamic yet refined lifestyle.

Price List & Price Background

Step into the world of Aurea Condo, located in the pulsating heart of Singapore’s District 7 on 5001 Beach Road. This architectural marvel is not just a residence but a statement of modern living, offering you a life that perfectly balances the dynamism of city life with the calm of luxurious living spaces.

Aurea Condo: Where Elegance Meets Value

Aurea Condo presents a variety of unit types to suit your unique needs, from intimate 1-bedroom apartments to spacious 4-bedroom homes. Each unit is meticulously designed with modernity and functionality in mind, ensuring your ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

  • Price Range: Estimates between S$2,300 to S$2,600 PSF, a testament to the exceptional quality and prime location of Aurea Condo.
  • Starting Price: The journey to luxury estimated begins at S$1.34 million, making Aurea Condo an attractive choice for those seeking sophistication in their living spaces.

Unmatched Location and Connectivity

Aurea Condo’s prime location at 5001 Beach Road, flanked by Beach Road and Nicoll Highway, provides stunning city and sea views. Its close proximity to major transport hubs offers easy access to the Central Business District (CBD) and beyond, embodying the essence of dynamic and refined living.

Comprehensive Amenities for an Exquisite Lifestyle

At Aurea Condo, luxury extends beyond your living space. Dive into a world of exclusive amenities, including a modern gym, a welcoming clubhouse, vibrant social spaces, a children’s playground, a BBQ area, and a swimming pool equipped with a hydrotherapy system.

A New Era of Urban Living

Aurea Condo is more than a place to live; it’s a lifestyle destination that seamlessly combines urban connectivity with peaceful tranquility. With its strategic location, top-notch amenities, and easy access to Singapore’s cultural and recreational venues, Aurea Condo redefines luxury urban living.

Embark on a journey of discovery with Aurea Condo, where every detail is crafted to epitomize urban sophistication. Immerse yourself in the vibrant surroundings where the spirit of the city is alive, transforming Aurea Condo into not just a home, but a place to flourish and thrive.

Developer Background

Aurea Condo stands as a beacon of transformation at the iconic Golden Mile Complex, brought to life through the collaborative efforts of Far East Organization, Sino Land, and Perennial Holdings. Nestled at the prestigious 5001 Beach Road, Singapore, this mixed-use development is redefining urban living by merging the allure of heritage with contemporary design. It offers 186 residential units, with options ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms, promising a unique living experience.

Far East Organization: Pioneering Real Estate Excellence

Since its inception in 1960, Far East Organization has been a pivotal force in Singapore’s real estate scene, developing over 780 properties that span residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Known for its unwavering commitment to sustainability, the organization has been honored with numerous awards for its eco-friendly buildings. As the largest private real estate developer in Singapore, it has played a significant role in sculpting the nation’s urban landscape, offering developments that cater to a wide array of needs and preferences.

Sino Land: Crafting Sustainable Communities

With over 40 years of experience, Hong Kong-based Sino Land has made its mark on the Aurea Condo project. The company’s portfolio is diverse, covering residential, commercial, and retail developments, all dedicated to fostering sustainable communities. Sino Land’s efforts in environmental management have not gone unnoticed, showcasing its dedication to responsible development practices that prioritize the well-being of both individuals and the environment.

Perennial Holdings: Innovating Integrated Real Estate

Perennial Holdings shines in the realms of integrated real estate and healthcare projects, with a significant footprint in Singapore, China, and Malaysia. The company’s proficiency in managing large-scale mixed and integrated developments is apparent, with a global portfolio exceeding 80 million square feet of floor area. Perennial Holdings is on a mission to become a global leader in real estate development, driven by an innovative approach to crafting spaces that elevate the quality of life for both residents and visitors.

A Collaboration of Vision and Expertise

The partnership between Far East Organization, Sino Land, and Perennial Holdings for Aurea Condo is a testament to their combined decades of industry experience, dedication to sustainability, and innovative approach to urban development. This joint venture is set to deliver a landmark development that not only preserves the historical essence of the Golden Mile Complex but also introduces modern living spaces and amenities. This initiative is designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s urban dwellers, making Aurea Condo a vibrant community where modern sophistication and historical charm coalesce.

Here, you’re promised a new dimension in urban living, where every detail is crafted with the utmost care to ensure comfort and luxury, all backed by the expertise of three of the industry’s most reputable developers.

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golden mile Condo

Aurea Condo

5001 Beach Road

99 Years

1-4 Beds

Q3 2024

Should you invest in Aurea Condo?

Investment Potential

When considering the investment potential of Aurea Condo, it’s important to recognize its placement as a premium development. It skillfully merges heritage and modernity, appealing to a niche market of discerning buyers and investors. The project, born from the transformation of the iconic Golden Mile Complex, carries a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary design, likely enhancing its allure for investors.

The condo’s strategic location in District 7 is another key factor. This area is known for its vibrant urban renewal and robust infrastructure development, hinting at a strong potential for property value appreciation.

Pricing Considerations

Navigating through the pricing landscape, Aurea Condo’s indicative price range stands at S$2,300 to S$2,600 PSF. This pricing mirrors its premium stance and coveted location. The hefty land cost of S$700 million (or an estimated S$350 PSF PPR) underpins the premium pricing of the units. However, it’s crucial to remember that these prices are dynamic and may shift in response to market demand and other influencing factors.

Location and Amenities

Positioned at 5001 Beach Road, Aurea Condo promises convenient access to public transportation, including the Nicoll Highway MRT station. It’s nestled close to a rich tapestry of cultural and entertainment hubs, not to mention the serene green spaces that offer a tranquil retreat from the urban bustle.

Residents can enjoy a wide array of facilities that cater to various lifestyles, including a gymnasium, clubhouse, swimming pool, and playground.

Developer Reputation

The project is a collaborative effort by renowned entities such as Perennial Holdings Limited, Far East Organization, and Sino Land. These developers are celebrated for their commitment to quality and have a proven track record of delivering exceptional projects.

Market Trends

The real estate landscape in District 7 has demonstrated remarkable growth, with non-landed, private property appreciating significantly over the past decade. This trend underscores the area’s strong market performance. Furthermore, the luxury condominium sector in Singapore has exhibited resilience, with certain developments experiencing rapid sales, selling a substantial portion of their units in just a single day.