Marina Gardens Residences

Marina Gardens Residences

99 Years

Marina South
2 Mins’ Walk

Q3 2024

TOP Date

Marina Gardens Residences, a 99 Years condominium development in District 1, offers approximately 795 residential units suitable for families and professionals. Developed by Kingsford Development Pte Ltd, the project is conveniently located on Marina Gardens Lane, just a 2-minute walk from Marina South MRT Station. The development features a variety of unit types ranging from 1-4 bedrooms to cater to different buyer preferences. Its proximity to Marina South MRT station ensures excellent connectivity to public transport, making it an attractive choice for residents. Showflat Preview On Q3 2024.

Marina Gardens Residences

Fact sheet

Marina Gardens Residences


Marina Gardens Residences

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Marina Gardens Residences

Floor & Site Plan

Marina Gardens Residences

Price List

Marina Gardens Residences


Marina Gardens Lane Condo Residences Floor Plan

Marina Gardens Residences


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Marina Gardens Residences Factsheet

Marina Gardens Lane Condo Residences Floor Plan scaled
ProjectMarina Gardens Residences
Tenure99 Years
DeveloperKingsford Development Pte Ltd
Plot Ratio4.2
No. of UnitsEst 795 Units
No. of StoreysEst of 23 storeys 
Site Area129,168 sft | 12,000 sqm
AddressMarina Gardens Lane
NeighbourhoodMarina South
Expected TOP2028
DescriptionMarina Gardens Residences, situated at Marina Gardens Lane in D1, stands as a project by Kingsford Development Pte Ltd. This development presents a diverse selection of 1-4 bedroom units, catering to a broad spectrum of buyers and investors. For a detailed exploration of Marina Gardens Residences, visit
Marina Gardens Residences Factsheet Table

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Location – Neighbourhood & Transportation

Marina Gardens Residences location map

Marina Gardens Residences: A Prime Living Destination

Marina Gardens Residences, which consist of Marina Gardens Lane Residences and Marina Gardens Crescent Residences, are ideally located in the vibrant Marina South area of Singapore. This district is renowned for its scenic waterfront, upscale facilities, and excellent connectivity.

  • Surrounding Area
    • The vicinity of Marina Gardens Residences is a bustling mix of residential, hotel, retail, and office spaces, designed to promote a sustainable and community-focused living environment.
    • The Marina South precinct, where the residences are situated, is a planned mixed-use neighborhood with a strong emphasis on pedestrian-friendly streets and a well-connected cycling network.
    • Residents can enjoy various themed gardens like the Chinese, Indian, and Malay Gardens, aligning with Singapore’s vision of being a “City in a Garden.”
  • Transportation
    • Marina Gardens Residences benefit from exceptional transport links, including proximity to major expressways and multiple MRT stations like Downtown, Circle Line, and North-South MRT.
    • The forthcoming Marina South MRT station will further enhance connectivity in the area, complementing the existing well-connected road network and bus routes.

Nearby Amenities

  • Nearby Schools and Educational Institutions
    • HWA International School @MSQ Campus: Located at 6 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, Singapore 039594, this school offers an international curriculum close to Marina Gardens Residences.
    • MindChamps Performing Arts PreSchool @ Marina Square: Situated at 6 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, Singapore 039594, this preschool focuses on early childhood education with an emphasis on performing arts, ideal for families in Marina Gardens Residences.
    • EtonHouse Garden School by the Bay: Found at 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Bayfront Pavilion, Singapore 018953, this school provides a unique educational experience near Marina Gardens Residences, offering convenient access to quality early childhood education.
    • Singapore Management University (SMU): Just a 10-minute drive from Marina Gardens Residences, SMU provides a variety of educational programs including undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, and continuing education options.
    • International Schools: For expatriate families in Marina Gardens Residences, nearby international schools like Hillside World Academy and One World International cater to the diverse educational needs of the expatriate community.
  • Residents of Marina Gardens Residences have access to a wide array of amenities catering to diverse interests, including a vibrant nightlife scene, cultural attractions like the Singapore Flyer and Merlion Park, and high-end shopping malls such as Marina Bay Sands and VivoCity.
  • The residences are conveniently located near Gardens by the Bay and Marina Barrage, providing easy access to natural landscapes and recreational activities.
  • The Marina Bay area offers an abundance of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, making it a sought-after location for residents.

Floor Plans & Site Plan

The Marina Gardens Residences, including Marina Gardens Lane Residences, offer a variety of floor plans and site plan features catering to diverse needs and preferences. The analysis focuses on specific aspects: number of bedrooms, unit sizes, parking facilities, and views from the unit.

Marina Gardens Lane Condo Layout Features by Kingsford Development 1

Number of Bedrooms and Unit Sizes

  • Marina Gardens Lane Residences feature units ranging from one-bedroom to four-bedroom, providing options for individuals, couples, and families.
  • Marina Gardens Residences offer a mix of unit types from one to five bedrooms, accommodating a broad spectrum of family sizes and living situations.
  • Specific unit sizes for Marina Gardens Lane Residences are mentioned, with each tower containing units that are 1,042-square-meter, although this figure may be unusually large for individual units.

Parking Facilities

  • Specific details about parking facilities at Marina Gardens Residences are not directly provided, but given the scale and luxury positioning of the development, it can be inferred that adequate parking facilities would be available.
  • The exact number of parking lots and any special features related to the parking facilities are not detailed in the provided sources.

View from Unit

  • The sources do not explicitly detail the views from the units at Marina Gardens Residences, but the prime location in Singapore’s Marina Bay area suggests that many units would offer views of the city skyline, waterfront, or surrounding green spaces.
  • Proximity to iconic landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay further suggests that residents could enjoy scenic views, depending on the orientation and floor level of their specific unit.

Price List & Price Background

  • Unit Price Range and Price Per Square Foot
    • Marina Gardens Residences are priced between $2,600 – $3,000 per square foot, reflecting the premium location and luxury living experience.
    • Marina Gardens Lane Residences have an average sale price of $2,612 per square foot, aligning closely with the broader price range for the development.
    • The price of Marina Gardens Lane Residences is expected to be above $900 per square foot upon completion, with over 90% of Park Tower units already sold, indicating strong market demand.
  • Price Background and Comparison with Similar Properties
    • A neighboring site in Marina Gardens Lane was sold for S$1.03 billion, approximately S$1,402 per square foot per plot ratio, emphasizing the competitive pricing of Marina Gardens Residences.
    • Marina Gardens Crescent GLS site received a bid of nearly S$770.5 million, considered too low, indicating a cautious market approach towards pricing in the area.
    • Marina View Residences nearby listings start from S$2,400 per square foot, providing context for the pricing of Marina Gardens Residences within the Marina Bay area.
    • Leedon Green, another premium residential development, offers various floor plan options, positioning itself as a sophisticated living choice, providing insights into broader market dynamics.

Developer Background

Marina Gardens Residences and Marina Gardens Lane Residences are brought to life by Kingsford Development Pte Ltd, a renowned real estate developer with a strong presence in Singapore, Australia, and China. The company’s track record showcases a commitment to crafting upscale, luxurious properties honed through years of experience in the global real estate landscape.

  • Kingsford Development Pte Ltd: Known as the force behind Marina Gardens Residences, a 99-year leasehold property, Kingsford Development is esteemed for its delivery of top-tier, opulent developments across multiple countries.
  • Subsidiary of Kingsford Group: Notably, Marina Gardens Residences is developed by Kingsford Huray Development Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of the China-based Kingsford Group. This affiliation underscores the project’s substantial international backing, underscoring both its prestige and the developer’s ability to execute such a grand and lavish endeavor.
  • Project Details: Marina Gardens Residences comprises 795 residential units, forming a mixed development strategically positioned at Marina Gardens Lane in Singapore. Offering a variety of unit configurations from 1 to 4 bedrooms, the project is designed to provide luxurious living spaces with breathtaking sea views, seamlessly connected to Marina South MRT for optimal accessibility.
  • Marina Gardens Lane Residences: This segment of the development, overseen by Marina Gardens Lane, spans a site area of 132,396 square feet with a gross floor area of 741,418 square feet. Situated in District 01 as a 99-year leasehold development, this underscores the prime location and the scale of the project managed by Kingsford Development and its subsidiaries.

In essence, Marina Gardens Residences and Marina Gardens Lane Residences stand as testaments to the expertise of Kingsford Development Pte Ltd and its subsidiary, Kingsford Huray Development Pte Ltd. These projects are integral parts of the esteemed Kingsford Group’s property portfolio, reflecting a dedication to luxury and excellence in one of Singapore’s most prestigious locales.

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Marina Gardens Lane Condo Residences Floor Plan

Marina Gardens Residences

Marina Gardens Lane

99 Years

1-4 Beds

Q3 2024

Should You Invest in Marina Gardens Residences?

When contemplating an investment in Marina Gardens Residences, it is crucial to delve into the intricate interplay of capital appreciation, rental yield, and market trends within the Marina South locale. Your decision hinges on a comprehensive grasp of the current property market dynamics specific to this area and the unique attributes of this development.

  • Capital Appreciation:
    • Market Trends: The recent bid for a neighboring Marina South site fell significantly below market projections, signaling a possible subdued market sentiment. This could potentially impact the future capital appreciation outlook.
    • Comparative Land Rates: Despite its proximity to the city and an MRT station, the bid for Marina Gardens Crescent was lower than a site in Media Circle. This disparity in land rates may hint at a valuation adjustment that could influence property appreciation rates.
    • Government Land Sales (GLS) Program: The tepid response to the Marina Gardens Crescent site bid and its subsequent non-award might indicate developers’ strategic pricing adjustments in response to prevailing market conditions, potentially affecting long-term property value growth.
  • Rental Yield:
    • Supply and Demand: The area is poised to witness a substantial influx of new homes, potentially leading to heightened competition among landlords and impacting rental yields.
    • Investor Sentiment: Factors like higher Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty rates for foreigners and investors, coupled with the absence of nearby schools, could dampen demand for future homes in the region, exerting pressure on rental yields.
  • Market Trends:
    • Developer Sales: A notable decline in developer sales of new private homes across the island in 2023 suggests a broader market slowdown that might influence the investment appeal of new developments, including Marina Gardens Residences.
    • Economic Factors: With prevailing high interest rates and macroeconomic challenges, developers are exercising caution, potentially shaping the overall investment landscape and necessitating a holistic consideration of broader economic contexts.
    • Developer Confidence: Despite market caution, GuocoLand’s commitment to a mixed-use project at Marina Gardens Crescent underscores confidence in the area’s long-term potential, hinting at intrinsic strengths that could support investment decisions.