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Q3 2024

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Meyer Blue, a Freehold condominium development in District 15, offers approximately 226 residential units suitable for families and professionals. Developed by UOL & SingLand, the project is conveniently located on 81, 83 Meyer Road, just a 6-minute walk from Katong Park MRT Station. The development features a variety of unit types ranging from 2-4 bedrooms to cater to different buyer preferences. Its proximity to Katong Park MRT station ensures excellent connectivity to public transport, making it an attractive choice for residents. Showflat Preview On Q3 2024.

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Meyer Blue


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The Buying Process for Meyer Blue

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Meyer Blue Factsheet

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ProjectMeyer Blue
DeveloperUOL & SingLand
Plot Ratio2.8
No. of UnitsEst 226 Units
No. of StoreysEst of 26 storeys 
Site Area96,672 sq ft
Address81, 83 Meyer Road
NeighbourhoodMarine Parade
Expected TOP2028
DescriptionMeyer Blue, situated at 81, 83 Meyer Road in D15, stands as a project by UOL & SingLand. This development presents a diverse selection of 2-4 bedroom units, catering to a broad spectrum of buyers and investors. For a detailed exploration of Meyer Blue, visit
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Meyer Blue Showflat

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Location – Neighbourhood & Transportation

Perched along the prestigious Meyer Road, Meyer Blue emerges as a sanctuary of opulence, promising an unmatched lifestyle that intertwines luxury with the convenience of city living. This freehold gem, birthed from the strategic alliance of UOL Group and Singapore Land Group, is on a mission to sculpt the epitome of sophistication with its elite amenities, pivotal location, and mesmerizing vistas. Let’s dive into what makes Meyer Blue your dream address in Singapore.

81 Meyer Road for Meyer Blue condo

Prime Location with Seamless Connectivity

At the heart of District 15, Meyer Blue positions you perfectly for an effortless blend of accessibility and exclusivity:

  • Proximity to MRT Stations: A stone’s throw away from the upcoming Katong Park and Tanjong Katong MRT stations, your gateway to the Central Business District, Marina Bay, and Orchard is but a leisurely stroll away.
  • Access to Major Expressways: For the road warriors, the East Coast Parkway (ECP) along with a network of major thoroughfares ensures the city center and Changi Airport are merely 10-15 minutes away.

Nearby Amenities

Situated at the nexus of Singapore’s vibrant shopping and dining scene, Meyer Blue offers:

  • Shopping Malls: A short hop to Parkway Parade, Katong Shopping Centre, and i12 Katong, you’re in the lap of retail luxury, local delicacies, and entertainment galore.
  • Culinary Exploration: Embark on a tantalizing journey through local street food to fine dining, right at your doorstep, showcasing Singapore’s rich culinary landscape.

Proximity to Nature and Recreation

For those who find solace in the embrace of nature and the thrill of outdoor activities, Meyer Blue provides:

  • East Coast Park: A mere 9-minute amble to a haven of picnicking, cycling, roller skating, and water sports.
  • Cultural Enclaves: Explore the vibrant Katong and Joo Chiat, a treasure trove of traditional eateries and boutique shops, just moments away.

Educational Excellence

Ensuring a bright future for your little ones, Meyer Blue is surrounded by esteemed educational institutions:

  • Reputable Schools: Nestled close to Tanjong Katong Primary School, Haig Girls’ School, and Dunman High School, among others, your children’s educational journey is in prestigious hands.

In the realm of Meyer Blue, every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure a living experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Welcome home to where your luxury lifestyle dreams become reality.

Floor Plans & Site Plan

Nestled along the prestigious Meyer Road in Singapore’s District 15, Meyer Blue stands as a beacon of luxury, awaiting to enchant both homeowners and investors with its unparalleled charm. Crafted by the renowned United Venture Development—a collaboration between UOL Group and Singapore Land Group—this freehold development is a testament to architectural brilliance and thoughtful design, offering an exclusive lifestyle that’s second to none.

Meyer Park 5 1030x515

Architectural Marvel Unveiled

  • Diverse Unit Mix: Whether you’re a young professional looking for a cozy 2-bedroom nest, or a family in pursuit of a spacious 4-bedroom haven, Meyer Blue has got your desires covered. Each unit is a blend of comfort and elegance, crafted to meet diverse lifestyle needs.
  • Efficient and Spacious Layouts: Revel in the luxury of space with 2-bedroom + study units spanning a generous 538sqft. Meyer Blue’s commitment to functional design and space optimization ensures a living environment that’s both comfortable and lavish.

A Sanctuary of Leisure and Relaxation

  • Strategic Location: Positioned in a north/south direction, the trapezoid-shaped site of Meyer Blue sits within the serene enclave of Meyer Road. This strategic location not only bathes each unit in natural light and refreshing breezes but also offers tranquil vistas of the surrounding landed homes.
  • Unobstructed Views: Elevate your living experience with higher-floor south-facing units that boast expansive, unobstructed views of East Coast Park, the sea, and possibly even the Marina Bay skyline. North-facing units, on the other hand, provide a peaceful view of lush landed homes.
  • Luxurious Amenities: Dive into a world of luxury with Meyer Blue’s world-class amenities. Whether it’s unwinding by the infinity pool, rejuvenating at the spa, or staying fit at the state-of-the-art fitness center, this development offers a suite of facilities for relaxation, socializing, and wellness.

Unparalleled Connectivity and Convenience

  • Seamless Connectivity: With the upcoming Katong Park MRT (TE24) and Tanjong Katong MRT (TE25) stations just a stone’s throw away, Meyer Blue ensures easy access to the CBD, Marina Bay, and Orchard, making your commute a breeze.
  • Proximity to Lifestyle Amenities: Embrace a vibrant lifestyle with Parkway Parade, 112 Katong, and East Coast Park nearby. Indulge in a myriad of dining, shopping, and entertainment options right at your doorstep.

Meyer Blue is more than just a residence; it’s a blueprint of luxury living, designed to delight and inspire. Welcome to your dream home, where every detail is curated with you in mind.

Price List & Price Background

Nestled along the prestigious Meyer Road in Singapore’s District 15, Meyer Blue emerges as a beacon of luxury, meticulously crafted by the renowned UOL Group and Singapore Land Group. Poised for its grand unveiling in 2024, this exquisite freehold condominium is destined to be a jewel in Singapore’s property crown, blending opulence with unparalleled value. Let’s dive into the financial tapestry that makes Meyer Blue both a lavish sanctuary and a wise investment.

The Pinnacle of Prestige at a Competitive Price Point

  • Estimated Price Per Square Foot (PSF): Brace yourself for a spectrum of sophistication with units anticipated to range between $25XX and $28XX PSF, catering to the refined tastes of discerning buyers.
  • Comprehensive Price Range: Your dream home awaits, with 2-bedroom units starting from $2.1 M to $2.19 M, 3-bedroom units stretching from $2.56 M to $4.5 M, 4-bedroom units ranging from $4.59 M to $5.55 M, and 5-bedroom units priced between $6.5 M to $7 M.
  • Average PSF Across Unit Types: Delve into the essence of luxury with an average PSF of $3,003 for 2-bedroom units, $2,570 for 3-bedroom units, $2,859 for 4-bedroom units, and $2,940 for 5-bedroom units, epitomizing the allure of Meyer Blue residences.

A Freehold Gem in a Coveted Location

  • Strategic Acquisition: With a staggering acquisition cost of $392.18 million for the land at 81 and 83 Meyer Road, translating to $1,668 psf per plot ratio, this venture is a testament to the developers’ vision of creating a landmark in this exclusive enclave.
  • Exclusive Living Experience: Imagine a sanctuary of approximately 250 units sprawled over 96,672 square feet, offering a serene low-density living environment with mesmerizing views, be it the tranquil landed estate or the majestic sea.

Investment Potential and Future Appreciation

  • Freehold Tenure: Meyer Blue is not just a home; it’s a legacy. Its freehold status elevates its charm, promising a treasure trove of long-term investment prospects and the allure of capital appreciation.
  • Anticipated Launch Prices: With launch prices poised to be competitive, this is an invitation to secure a slice of luxury. As the official prices will be unveiled closer to the launch date, registering your interest now will ensure you’re at the forefront of the latest updates.

Meyer Blue, where luxury meets value, awaits to welcome you to a life of unparalleled splendor and investment wisdom.

Developer Background


stled along the prestigious Meyer Road in Singapore’s District 15, Meyer Blue emerges as a beacon of luxury, a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship of UOL Group Limited and Singapore Land Group. This isn’t just any residence; it’s a statement, a landmark where opulence meets architectural genius.

The Dream Team Behind the Scene

  • UOL Group Limited: A behemoth in Singapore’s real estate arena, UOL Group Limited infuses Meyer Blue with its rich tapestry of experience, boasting a portfolio that spans residential and commercial properties, hotels, and serviced suites. Renowned for its relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, UOL Group crafts developments that are synonymous with luxury and sophistication.
  • Singapore Land Group: In this illustrious partnership, Singapore Land Group brings its storied legacy of premier developments to the table. Together, these giants ensure Meyer Blue is a masterpiece of design and luxury, a pinnacle of high-end living.

From Vision to Reality: The Genesis of Meyer Blue

The Former Meyer Park Site: Rising from the erstwhile grounds of Meyer Park Condo, acquired for a cool $392.18 million in February 2023, Meyer Blue claims a rare freehold spot on Meyer Road. Spanning roughly 96,672 sq ft and bought at a land cost of $1,668 psf ppr, this acquisition underscores the developers’ ambition to nestle a premium project in this coveted enclave.

An Exclusive Living Experience: Poised to house an estimated 250 lavish apartment units, Meyer Blue promises a low-density haven, merging effortlessly with its lush environs to offer a tranquil retreat from the urban hustle.

A Pledge to Grandeur and Green Living

Philosophy of Design: At the core of UOL Group’s ethos lies a dedication to architectural magnificence, innovation, and sustainability. Meyer Blue is set to reflect these ideals, showcasing premium finishes, state-of-the-art fixtures, and eco-friendly designs that enrich both the environment and the community.

Accolades and Applause: UOL Group’s commitment to quality has not gone unnoticed, earning it a plethora of awards in architectural design, sustainability, and innovation. These accolades set new benchmarks in the industry, elevating the standards of Singaporean real estate.

Meyer Blue: More Than Just a Home

Meyer Blue transcends the conventional boundaries of residential living, evolving into a lifestyle sanctuary that promises to enhance the lives of its residents. With its strategic location, contemporary architecture, verdant surroundings, and unparalleled amenities, Meyer Blue stands as a sought-after address for those in pursuit of luxury, exclusivity, and a wise investment. The combined expertise of UOL Group and Singapore Land Group guarantees that Meyer Blue will not just meet, but exceed, the aspirations of the most discerning buyers and investors.

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Meyer Blue

81, 83 Meyer Road


2-4 Beds

Q3 2024

Should You Buy Meyer Blue?

Prime Oceanfront Location

Imagine waking up every morning to the soothing sound of waves and the gentle sea breeze caressing your face. Meyer Blue Condo is a jewel nestled along the pristine shoreline of East Coast, offering you not just a home, but a retreat. Its prime oceanfront location doesn’t just promise breathtaking sea views and a close embrace with nature; it’s a solid foundation for your property’s value to steadily climb, making it an irresistible catch for discerning buyers.

Luxurious Amenities and Design

Step into a world where luxury meets elegance. Meyer Blue is adorned with an array of premium facilities that redefine upscale living. Picture yourself doing laps in an infinity pool that merges with the horizon, or staying fit in a state-of-the-art fitness center. These luxurious amenities aren’t just for show; they’re your ticket to attracting high-quality tenants and commanding top-dollar rents, ensuring a continuous flow of rental income.

Vibrant Community Spirit

At Meyer Blue, the vibrant community spirit is palpable, creating an environment where tenants are happier, stay longer, and the dreaded vacancy risks are significantly reduced. This not only guarantees a steady cash flow for you but also enhances the investment potential. Coupled with strategic management, your investment here is not just safe; it’s set to grow.

Stable Market Conditions

Singapore shines on the global stage as a financial powerhouse, and its real estate market is as stable as they come. Investing in Meyer Blue is like anchoring your wealth in a safe harbor. Its freehold status sweetens the deal, promising you not just a piece of luxury but a legacy that appreciates over time.

Strategic Connectivity and Convenience

Meyer Blue’s strategic location ensures you’re never far from the action. Upcoming MRT stations and major expressways are just a stone’s throw away, putting the CBD, Marina Bay, and Orchard within easy reach. This seamless connectivity boosts both the rental and resale allure of your property.

  • Easy Access to Amenities: The convenience doesn’t stop at transport. A short stroll will take you to shopping malls, dining havens, and the recreational paradise of East Coast Park. It’s not just a condo; it’s a lifestyle of luxury and convenience that awaits you at Meyer Blue.

In essence, Meyer Blue Condo isn’t just an investment; it’s your gateway to a luxurious lifestyle, solid returns, and a community that feels like home.

Meyer Road Condo outlook meyerblue 1