Woodleigh Residences Review: Is This Integrated Development Worth the Investment?

Woodleigh Residences Review

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The Woodleigh Residences stands out as one of the most convenient and well-integrated residential projects in Serangoon. The project’s integration with Woodleigh Mall and the MRT station offers unparalleled convenience, making it a prime choice for those prioritizing accessibility and amenities.

Convenience: The condo’s direct access to Woodleigh MRT station and the underground bus interchange significantly reduces commuting time. One resident shared that a round trip to Orchard, including shopping, took less than 60 minutes. This convenience is further enhanced by the 24-hour supermarket and a variety of eateries within Woodleigh Mall.

Amenities: The mall below the residences offers a range of amenities, including medical facilities and enrichment centers for children. The condo itself boasts five pools, multiple function rooms, and a Japanese-style onsen overlooking Bidadari Park. The presence of ample greenery within the estate adds to the appeal, although it requires significant maintenance.

Location and Safety: The proximity to Stamford American School and various Bidadari HDB projects ensures a safe and family-friendly environment. The area is not messy or notorious, making it ideal for families with young children. The condo’s tight security, with keycard access to lifts and restricted floor access, adds an extra layer of safety.

Unit Mix and Size: The project offers a good mix of unit sizes, catering to different family needs. One couple highlighted the importance of having a three-bedroom unit with a yard, which allowed them to reclaim an extra bedroom for a home office or a second child. The layout is efficient, avoiding long but narrow balconies that serve little purpose.

In summary, Woodleigh Residences offers an exceptional blend of convenience, amenities, and safety, making it a top choice for families and individuals alike. However, potential buyers should be mindful of the parking issues and weigh them against the numerous benefits.

Main Takeaways

  • Convenience: Integrated with a mall and MRT station, Woodleigh Residences offers unparalleled convenience.
  • Amenities: Residents enjoy a variety of amenities, including multiple pools, a 24-hour supermarket, and enrichment centers for children.
  • Investment Potential: With its prime location and well-maintained facilities, Woodleigh Residences holds strong investment potential.

Project Details

The Woodleigh Residences, located in District 13, Singapore, is a prime example of mixed-use development. Designed by DP Architects Pte. Ltd., this project harmoniously combines residential units with a variety of commercial amenities. The development is strategically positioned to offer unparalleled convenience and comfort to its residents.

Project NameThe Woodleigh Residences
DeveloperThe Woodleigh Residences Pte. Ltd.
Address13 – 33 Bidadari Park Drive
Tenure99 years leasehold wef. 18 September 2017
Site Area25,441 sqm / 273,847 sqft
Type of DevelopmentMixed Development with Mall, Community Club, Neighbourhood Police Centre
No. Of Units667 Residential Units
No. of Blocks/Storeys2-Storey Shopping Podium, 11 Blocks of 11-Storey Towers
No. Of Carparks529 Carpark Lots with 5 Handicap Lots
Plot Ratio3.5
ArchitectDP Architects Pte. Ltd.
Landscape ConsultantSalad Dressing
Main ContractorKajima – Tiong Seng Joint Venture
Interior DesignerIlya Corporation
Conveyance SolicitorDentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP
FacilitiesLap Pool, Pool Deck, Indoor Onsen, Jacuzzi, Japanese Sunken Courtyard with BBQ, Gourmet Kitchen with Teppanyaki, Function Room, Engawa, Infinity Family Pool, Children Playground, Gym, Jogging Track, Study Room, Tatami Rooms, Alfresco Kitchen and Dining
Developer LicenceC1248
Project Account No.DBS Bank Ltd for Project A/C No. 003-700124-4 of The Woodleigh Residences Pte. Ltd.
Expected Date of TOP31-Aug-24
Expected Date of Legal Completion31-Aug-27

Floor Plans

Woodleigh Residences offers a variety of floor plans to cater to different family sizes and needs. The units are designed to maximize space efficiency and provide a comfortable living environment.

  • 1-Bedroom Units: Ideal for singles or couples, these units offer a cozy living space with a functional layout.
  • 2-Bedroom Units: Suitable for small families, these units provide a balance of space and affordability.
  • 3-Bedroom Units: Perfect for larger families, these units come with additional rooms for children or a home office.
  • 4-Bedroom Units: These units offer ample space for extended families or those who require extra rooms for various purposes.

Unit Mix

Unit TypeSize (sq ft)Number of Units

Site Plan

Woodleigh Residences Woodleigh Residences Site Map Large

Discover the Tranquility of The Woodleigh Residences

The Woodleigh Residences is a sanctuary of modern living, seamlessly blending residential comfort with an array of commercial and community amenities. Situated in a prime location, this development offers a unique lifestyle experience with its Japanese-inspired design, intelligent space maximization, and a plethora of recreational facilities.

Key Features and Facilities

Residential Blocks

  • 11 blocks of 11-storey towers
  • 667 residential units in total

Commercial and Community Facilities

  • 2-storey shopping podium for retail therapy
  • Community club for social gatherings
  • Neighbourhood police centre ensuring safety

Recreational Amenities

Experience luxury and leisure with:

  • Lap pool and Infinity family pool
  • Jacuzzi and Indoor onsen
  • Japanese sunken courtyard with BBQ
  • Gourmet kitchen with teppanyaki
  • Function room
  • Engawa (Japanese-style veranda)
  • Garden of reflections
  • Pavilion Zen
  • Rain garden and lagoon

For the little ones:

  • Kids’ water play area
  • Children playground and play deck
  • Little tots play area

For fitness enthusiasts:

  • Jogging track
  • Gym

Additional Features

Enhance your living experience with:

  • Pavilion BBQ by-the-pool, by-the-lake, and by-the-farm
  • Chill-out deck and Pool deck
  • Cabana by-the-pool and by-the-lake
  • Green bridge
  • Changing room and Outdoor shower
  • Urban farming area
  • Delivery locker room
  • Main lobby lounge
  • Residential drop-off
  • Guard house and Management office


Getting around is seamless with:

  • Direct access to Woodleigh MRT Station
  • An air-conditioned underground bus interchange

Layout and Design

The Woodleigh Residences epitomizes Japanese-inspired elegance with:

  • Intelligent space maximization
  • Seamless flushed flooring
  • Clean-cut lines reflecting Japanese craftsmanship
  • Abundant natural light and ventilation

Embrace the harmony of modern living with the serenity of nature at The Woodleigh Residences. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or a vibrant community, this development caters to all your needs, providing a perfect balance of luxury and convenience.

Price Range & PSF

The pricing for units at Woodleigh Residences varies based on size and floor level. The current price range and PSF rates are as follows:

  • 1-Bedroom Units: $900,000 – $1,000,000 ($2,000 – $2,200 PSF)
  • 2-Bedroom Units: $1,300,000 – $1,500,000 ($1,900 – $2,100 PSF)
  • 3-Bedroom Units: $1,700,000 – $2,000,000 ($1,850 – $2,000 PSF)
  • 4-Bedroom Units: $2,500,000 – $2,800,000 ($2,000 – $2,200 PSF)
Woodleigh Residences

Urban Living with Impeccable Design

In urban environments, the fusion of functionality and aesthetics is crucial for creating living spaces that are both practical and visually appealing. Impeccable design principles play a key role in optimizing the layout and utilization of space in urban dwellings.

Woodleigh Residences Condo Unit Floor Plans

Pricing Comparison with Nearby Condominiums

Woodleigh Residences

  • Price Range: S$975,000 to S$3,476,000
  • Unit Types:
    • 2 Bedrooms: 570 sqft – 721 sqft
    • 3 Bedrooms: 850 sqft – 1,076 sqft
    • 4 Bedrooms: 1,270 sqft – 1,475 sqft

Nearby Condominiums

Park Colonial

  • Price Range: S$780,000 to S$3,018,000
  • Unit Types:
    • 2 Bedrooms: 678 sqft – 743 sqft
    • 3 Bedrooms: 872 sqft – 1,087 sqft
    • 4 Bedrooms: 1,184 sqft – 1,712 sqft

Bartley Residences

  • Price Range: S$828,000 to S$4,200,000.
  • Unit Types: 1 to 4 bedrooms

Forest Woods

  • Price Range: S$980,000 to S$1,650,000
  • Unit Types: Not specified, but typically includes 1 to 4 bedrooms

Jui Residences

  • Price Range: S$760,000 to S$1,855,000
  • Unit Types:
    • 1 Bedroom: 431 sqft
    • 2 Bedrooms: 657 sqft – 710 sqft
    • 3 Bedrooms: 883 sqft – 1,001 sqft

The Poiz Residences

  • Price Range: S$619,000 to S$3,734,000
  • Unit Types: Not specified, but typically includes 1 to 4 bedrooms


CondominiumPrice RangeUnit Types (Selected Sizes)
Woodleigh ResidencesS$975,000 to S$3,476,0002 Bedrooms (570 sqft – 721 sqft)
3 Bedrooms (850 sqft – 1,076 sqft)
4 Bedrooms (1,270 sqft – 1,475 sqft)
Park ColonialS$780,000 to S$3,018,0002 Bedrooms (678 sqft – 743 sqft)
3 Bedrooms (872 sqft – 1,087 sqft)
4 Bedrooms (1,184 sqft – 1,712 sqft)
Bartley ResidencesS$828,000 to S$4,200,0001 to 4 Bedrooms
Forest WoodsS$980,000 to S$1,650,0001 to 4 Bedrooms
Jui ResidencesS$760,000 to S$1,855,0001 Bedroom (431 sqft)
2 Bedrooms (657 sqft – 710 sqft)
3 Bedrooms (883 sqft – 1,001 sqft)
The Poiz ResidencesS$619,000 to S$3,734,0001 to 4 Bedrooms


  • Woodleigh Residences commands a higher price range compared to most nearby developments. This is attributed to its comprehensive mixed-use development and extensive amenities.
  • Park Colonial and The Poiz Residences have competitive upper price limits but offer a wider range of unit sizes.
  • For those seeking more affordable options, Jui Residences and Forest Woods present viable choices, especially for smaller units.

This comparison effectively highlights the diverse pricing and unit options available in the vicinity of Woodleigh Residences. Various developments cater to different budget ranges and preferences.

Transport & Location

Woodleigh Residences Woodleigh Residences Location Map

Woodleigh Residences embodies convenience and connectivity, strategically situated on the city fringe. This integrated development offers unparalleled access to public transport, major expressways, and a host of amenities, making it an ideal choice for families and professionals alike.

Public Transport Accessibility

Woodleigh MRT Station

  • Distance: Approximately 115 meters from Woodleigh Residences.
  • Line: North-East Line (NEL).
  • Convenience: Provides direct access to various parts of Singapore, including the Central Business District (CBD) and other key areas.

Woodleigh Underground Bus Interchange

  • Distance: Approximately 100 meters from Woodleigh Residences.
  • Features: Singapore’s first underground air-conditioned bus interchange, facilitating seamless transfers between bus and rail networks.

Road Connectivity

Major Expressways Nearby

  • Pan Island Expressway (PIE)
  • Central Expressway (CTE)
  • Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE)

These expressways provide quick and easy access to various parts of Singapore, reducing commuting time for residents traveling by car.

Nearby Amenities

Shopping Malls

  • The Woodleigh Mall: Integrated within the development, offering over 300,000 sqft of retail and dining space, including a supermarket, food hall, and various lifestyle and medical services.
  • NEX Shopping Mall: Located one MRT stop away, providing a comprehensive shopping experience.

Educational Institutions

  • Primary and Secondary Schools:
    • Cedar Primary School: 550 meters.
    • Cedar Girls’ Secondary School: 560 meters.
    • Maris Stella High School: 860 meters.
    • St. Andrew’s Junior School: 1 km.
    • St. Andrew’s Secondary School: 1.02 km.
  • International Schools:
    • Stamford American International School: 290 meters.
    • Australian International School: 1.65 km.

Recreational Areas

  • Bidadari Park: 346 meters away, offering green spaces for outdoor activities.
  • Alkaff Lake: 120 meters away, providing scenic views and recreational opportunities.

Integrated Development Features

Community and Lifestyle

  • Community Club: Integrated within the development, offering various community activities and facilities.
  • Childcare Centre: Conveniently located within the development, catering to young families.
  • Neighbourhood Police Centre: Enhancing safety and security for residents.

Woodleigh Residences offers exceptional connectivity and convenience, being centrally located at the city fringe and integrated with key transport hubs like Woodleigh MRT Station and the underground bus interchange. The development is well-connected by major expressways, making it easy for residents to commute by car. Additionally, the proximity to various amenities, including shopping malls, schools, and recreational areas, makes Woodleigh Residences an ideal choice for families and professionals seeking a well-rounded living environment.

Developer Reputation

The developer of Woodleigh Residences has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality projects. Known for their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, they have successfully completed several notable developments in Singapore. Their track record instills confidence in potential buyers and investors.

Investment Potential

Investment Analysis: Woodleigh Residences

Woodleigh Residences offers an enticing investment opportunity due to its integrated development, strategic location, and strong future growth potential driven by the Bidadari estate transformation. However, the high price per square foot (PSF) and competition from nearby developments are important considerations for investors. This analysis delves into the pros and cons, key factors to consider, and the overall investment outlook for Woodleigh Residences.


1. Integrated Development

  • Convenience: Woodleigh Residences is an integrated development that seamlessly combines residential units with a shopping mall, community club, and neighbourhood police centre. It also features direct connectivity to the Woodleigh MRT station and an underground bus interchange.
  • Rarity: Integrated developments are scarce in Singapore, representing less than 3% of total developments. This rarity can drive demand and enhance property value.

2. Location and Connectivity

  • Proximity to MRT: With direct access to Woodleigh MRT station on the North-East Line (NEL), residents benefit from excellent connectivity to the Central Business District (CBD) and other key areas.
  • Expressways: The development is conveniently located near major expressways such as PIE, CTE, and KPE, which further enhance road connectivity.

3. Future Growth Potential

  • Bidadari Estate Development: Significant transformation is underway in the Bidadari estate under the URA’s master plan, which includes new housing, parks, and community facilities. This development is expected to increase the area’s appeal and property values.
  • First Mover Advantage: As one of the first integrated developments in a new estate, Woodleigh Residences offers potential for capital appreciation as the area continues to develop.

4. Rental Yield

  • Current Yield: The rental yield for Woodleigh Residences stands at around 3.7%, which is competitive compared to other integrated developments.
  • Demand Drivers: Proximity to reputable schools and the convenience of integrated amenities make it attractive for tenants, supporting stable rental demand.


1. High Price Per Square Foot (PSF)

  • Premium Pricing: The current PSF for Woodleigh Residences is approximately S$2,112, which is higher than nearby developments like Park Colonial (S$1,977 psf) and Blossoms @ Woodleigh (S$1,559 psf).
  • Price Sensitivity: The higher PSF may deter price-sensitive buyers, potentially affecting short-term capital appreciation.

2. Competition

  • Nearby Developments: Competing developments such as Park Colonial and Blossoms @ Woodleigh offer lower PSF and similar amenities, which could impact the attractiveness of Woodleigh Residences.

3. Market Conditions

  • Economic Factors: Fluctuations in property market conditions and economic factors can influence property values and rental yields. High interest rates or economic downturns could affect investment returns.

Key Factors to Consider

1. Price Appreciation

  • Comparative Analysis: While Woodleigh Residences commands a premium due to its integrated nature and prime location, the price gap with nearby developments should be considered. For example, Blossoms @ Woodleigh is priced 26% lower on a PSF basis.
  • Future Developments: The ongoing development of Bidadari estate and completion of other projects could drive future price appreciation.

2. Rental Yield

  • Current Yield: The rental yield of 3.7% is attractive, given the convenience and amenities offered by the integrated development.
  • Tenant Demand: Proximity to schools, transport links, and amenities supports strong rental demand, which could sustain or improve rental yields.

3. Comparative Analysis

  • Park Colonial: Offers similar amenities and proximity to MRT but at a lower PSF. However, it lacks the integrated nature of Woodleigh Residences, which could be a deciding factor for some buyers.
  • Blossoms @ Woodleigh: Provides a more affordable option with a significant price gap but is an older development and lacks integrated features.

4. Future Growth

  • Bidadari Master Plan: The transformation of Bidadari estate into a vibrant community with extensive green spaces and amenities is a strong growth driver.
  • Infrastructure Improvements: Ongoing and planned infrastructure enhancements in the area will boost connectivity and livability, supporting long-term growth.

upcoming Condos

Woodleigh Residences presents a compelling investment opportunity with its integrated development, prime location, and promising future growth prospects driven by the Bidadari estate transformation. However, investors should weigh the high PSF against the convenience and long-term potential. For those seeking an integrated living experience with strong rental potential, Woodleigh Residences stands out as a worthy consideration.

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