One Holland Village Residences Review: A Haven in the Heart of Holland Village

One Holland Village Residences Review


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One Holland Village Residences presents a unique opportunity in the real estate market with its integrated development concept in District 10. The project offers a diverse range of residential options, including the Sereen, Leven, and Quincy Private Residences, catering to different preferences and lifestyles. The development boasts a variety of facilities such as a lap pool, spa pool, children’s playground, and more, enhancing the overall living experience for residents.

The location of One Holland Village Residences is a standout feature, being nestled in the vibrant Holland Village enclave. With close proximity to public transport options like Holland Village MRT station and various bus stops, residents enjoy convenient access to different parts of Singapore. The presence of nearby grocery shops, schools, and dining options further adds to the appeal of the location.

The unit mix and sizes offered by the project cater to various needs, from cozy 1-bedroom apartments to spacious 4-bedroom units. The pricing of the units, while on the higher end, reflects the exclusivity and convenience of the development. The project’s emphasis on community spaces, retail offerings, and recreational facilities contributes to creating a vibrant and engaging living environment.

In conclusion, One Holland Village Residences is a compelling choice for those seeking a modern, integrated living experience in a prime location. The project’s meticulous planning, diverse residential options, and strategic amenities make it a promising investment opportunity in the Singapore property market. With its unique architectural designs, convenient location, and array of facilities, the development sets a high standard for integrated living concepts in the city.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Holland Village, One Holland Village Residences stands as a beacon of modern living amidst the quaint charm of this coveted neighborhood. Developed as part of a mixed-use project, this residential gem offers 296 thoughtfully designed units alongside retail, offices, and community spaces. The project’s allure lies not just in its architecture but also in its strategic location, merely a 5-minute stroll from the Holland Village MRT station.

One Holland Village Residences 1 Holland Village Residences

Factsheet of One Holland Village Residences

  • Developer: Consortium of Far East Organization, Sekisui House & Sino Group
  • Status: Mixed-Use Development (No restrictions on ownership)
  • Address: Sereen: 1 Holland Village Way, Singapore 275754
  • District: 10
  • Site Area: 27,119.3 m² (291,912 sq ft)
  • Gross Floor Area: Residential (24,981 sqm / 268,895 sq ft), Serviced Apartments (13,734 sqm / 147,832 sq ft), Offices (7,500 sqm / 80,730 sq ft), Retail (13,500 sqm / 145,314 sq ft), Community Spaces (2,000 sqm / 21,528 sq ft)
  • Plot Ratio: 2.6
  • Tenure: 99 years leasehold w.e.f. 13 August 2018
  • T.O.P. Date: 3rd Quarter 2024
  • Units for Sale: 296 residential units
  • Residents Carpark: 299 (inclusive of 3 handicap-accessible spaces) in B1 & B2
One Holland Village Residences One Holland Village Residence Sereen Sky Terrace

Analyzing Location & Transport Links

One Holland Village Residences One Holland Village Residences Location

One Holland Village Residences is situated at 1 – 5 Holland Village Way, District 10 (Tanglin / Holland), which is one of Singapore’s most prestigious and sought-after residential areas. The development’s location in the Holland Road locality places it within an exclusive private residential estate, surrounded by some of the poshest neighborhoods in the city. This prime location is not only desirable for its status but also for the lifestyle it offers, with a mix of modern conveniences and a slightly bohemian, “hang loose” atmosphere that defines Holland Village.

Proximity to MRT Station

One of the key highlights of One Holland Village Residences is its proximity to the Holland Village MRT Station, which is just a short walk away. The Holland Village MRT Station is located along the Circle MRT line, providing residents with easy access to various parts of the city and connecting commuters to city and city-fringe areas. This close proximity to an MRT station is a significant advantage for residents, ensuring that public transport is readily available for daily commutes, leisure activities, or any other travel needs.

Accessibility and Connectivity

In addition to the nearby MRT station, One Holland Village Residences is well-connected through various public transport links, including many bus services. For residents who prefer to drive, the development is conveniently located near major expressways such as the Pan Island Expressway (PIE), Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), and the Central Expressway (CTE). This ensures that residents can easily reach major hubs like the Orchard Road Shopping District and Buona Vista within a few minutes’ drive.

Nearby Amenities and Attractions

The strategic location of One Holland Village Residences places it within easy reach of a plethora of amenities and attractions. Holland Village itself is a vibrant enclave known for its eclectic mix of dining, shopping, and lifestyle options. Residents can enjoy a wide array of conveniences right at their doorsteps, including new retail shops, bistros serving international cuisines, and the Holland Village Market & Food Centre. Additionally, the development is close to other popular areas such as Dempsey Hill, a food and retail hub, further enhancing the lifestyle offerings available to residents.

Public Transport Accessibility

In addition to the MRT and road connectivity, the development is also accessible via numerous bus services that operate in the area. These public transport options provide residents with alternative means of commuting, further enhancing the overall accessibility of One Holland Village Residences.

One Holland Village Residences 1 Holland Village Residences Site Location Plan

Surrounding Amenities & Facilities

One Holland Village Residences One Holland Village Residences Views

The allure of One Holland Village Residences extends beyond its boundaries. With a plethora of shopping options, dining establishments, and recreational facilities in close proximity, residents can indulge in a lifestyle that seamlessly blends convenience with leisure. Nearby schools like Henry Park Primary and Nanyang Primary add to the project’s family-friendly appeal.

Insights on Unit Mix, Pricing Strategy & Selling Points

Unit TypeNo. of UnitsSize (sqm) RangeSize (sq ft) Range
1 Bedroom6245484
2 Bedroom12464 – 77689 – 829
3 Bedroom621021,098
3 Bedroom14115 – 1191,238 – 1,281
3BR + Study31501,615
4 Bedroom71942,088
4BR + Study Duplex23123,358
2 Bedroom2175 – 101807 – 1,087

The pricing strategy for One Holland Village Residences is competitive, taking into account the project’s location, amenities, and facilities. The project offers a balance between affordability and luxury, making it an attractive option for homebuyers looking for a quality residential property.Selling Points:

  1. Strategic Location: The project is located near several MRT stations, major workplaces, and a variety of schools and parks, offering convenience and accessibility.
  2. Reputable Developer: Far East Organization’s reputation for quality, design, and future value is a significant selling point for potential buyers.
  3. Comprehensive Facilities: The project offers a range of facilities and amenities, including swimming pools, gyms, and communal spaces, which are a big draw for many buyers.
  4. Competitive Pricing: The project’s competitive pricing strategy makes it an attractive option for homebuyers looking for a quality residential property

Potential Drawbacks & Challenges

As with any property investment, One Holland Village Residences may come with potential drawbacks and challenges. Homebuyers should carefully consider these factors, such as future development plans in the area and any potential changes in government regulations, before making a decision.Potential Drawbacks:

  1. Limited parking spaces: The project may have limited parking spaces, which could lead to inconvenience for residents.
  2. Proximity to major roads: The project is located near major roads, which may result in increased noise and traffic.
  3. Potential for future development: The area around One Holland Village Residences may undergo future development, which could lead to increased noise and construction disruptions.

Potential Challenges:

  1. Changes in government regulations: Changes in government regulations, such as new building restrictions or zoning laws, could impact the project’s value and desirability.
  2. Economic factors: Economic downturns or recessions could affect the demand for luxury properties like One Holland Village Residences.
  3. Competition from nearby projects: The project may face competition from nearby residential projects, which could impact its pricing and desirability.

Developer’s Track Record & Past Projects

One Holland Village Residences One Holland Village Residences Aerial View

Led by Far East Organization with Sekisui House and Sino Group, the developer consortium brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a history of successful mixed-use projects and a commitment to quality, they instill confidence in buyers and set high expectations for One Holland Village Residences.

Conclusion: A Balanced Perspective

In conclusion, One Holland Village Residences presents a compelling investment opportunity with its strategic location, diverse unit offerings, and reputable developers.

While facing challenges inherent to urban developments, its potential for long-term success remains high given the developer’s track record and the project’s unique positioning in the market. For homebuyers seeking a blend of modern comforts and heritage charm, this development holds promise as a desirable residential enclave in the heart of Holland Village.

Homebuyers should definitely consider One Holland Village Residences for several compelling reasons:

  1. Prime Location: Situated in the prestigious District 10 of Singapore, the project offers unparalleled convenience with its proximity to MRT stations, major workplaces, schools, and parks. This prime location enhances the quality of living for residents.
  2. Reputable Developer: Developed by Far East Organization, a trusted and renowned developer in Singapore, One Holland Village Residences assures quality construction, innovative design, and potential for future value appreciation.
  3. Diverse Unit Mix: With a variety of unit types available, including one-bedroom to four-bedroom units, homebuyers have a wide selection to choose from based on their preferences and needs.
  4. Comprehensive Facilities: The project boasts a range of facilities and amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and communal spaces, providing residents with a luxurious and convenient lifestyle.
  5. Competitive Pricing Strategy: One Holland Village Residences offers competitive pricing that strikes a balance between affordability and luxury, making it an attractive investment opportunity for homebuyers seeking value for their money.
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2 months ago

The strategic location near MRT stations and various amenities definitely make One Holland Village Residences an attractive prospect for potential homebuyers. But I’m curious, how does the pricing strategy of this development compare to similar projects nearby? Are there any standout features that set it apart from the competition?