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Cuscaden Reserve, located in District 10, stands out for various reasons. Developed by a collaboration of SC Global Developments Pte Ltd, New World Development, and Far East Consortium International Limited, this 99-year leasehold condominium boasts a prime location near the future Orchard Boulevard MRT station, enhancing its accessibility and convenience. The project’s design, led by SCDA Architects, focuses on luxury, functionality, and a seamless integration with nature, offering residents a unique living experience.

The unit mix at Cuscaden Reserve is diverse, catering to different needs with options like 1-Bedroom + Study, 2-Bedroom, 2-Bedroom with private lift, 2-Bedroom + Study with private lift, and 3-Bedroom + Study with private lift. The layouts are well-designed, maximizing space efficiency and privacy, with a significant portion of units having private lift access.

In terms of pricing, Cuscaden Reserve offers competitive rates compared to other developments in District 10, especially considering its proximity to Orchard Road and the future MRT station. The project’s affordability, combined with its luxurious amenities and top-notch facilities, makes it an attractive option for potential buyers seeking a balance between quality and price.

The location of Cuscaden Reserve is exceptional, with easy access to amenities like luxury hotels, shopping districts, schools, and medical facilities within walking distance. The future Orchard Boulevard MRT station adds further value, ensuring seamless connectivity for residents.

Nearby amenities enhance the overall appeal of Cuscaden Reserve, providing residents with a range of options for leisure, education, and healthcare. The concierge services, designed by the British Butler Institute, elevate the residential experience, offering personalized assistance and hospitality.

In conclusion, Cuscaden Reserve presents a compelling opportunity for those looking for a well-rounded living experience in a prestigious location. With its thoughtful design, convenient location, diverse unit mix, and competitive pricing, this development is poised to deliver a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle to its residents.

Situated at 8 Cuscaden Road in the esteemed District 10, Cuscaden Reserve emerges as a beacon of luxury living in the Core Central Region (CCR). This 99-year leasehold condominium is a collaborative masterpiece by SC Global Developments Pte Ltd, New World Development Company Limited, and Far East Consortium International Limited under the subsidiary Cuscaden Homes Pte Ltd. With a site area spanning 61,596 square feet, this development boasts 192 opulent apartments across 28 storeys, offering a blend of sophistication and comfort.

Cuscaden Reserve Cuscaden Reserve pool


  • Developer: SC Global Developments Pte Ltd, New World Development Company Limited, Far East Consortium International Limited
  • Site Area: 61,596 sq ft
  • Gross Floor Area: 172,472 sq ft
  • Unit Types: 1 to 3-Bedroom Apartments
  • Facilities: 154 car park lots, 3 accessible lots, 1st level amenities
Cuscaden Reserve cuscaden reserve pool area

Location & Transport Links

Cuscaden Reserve boasts a prestigious location in the heart of Singapore’s shopping and lifestyle district:

  • Proximity to Orchard Road: It is within close proximity to Orchard Road, Singapore’s renowned shopping and entertainment belt, offering residents easy access to a plethora of retail, dining, and entertainment options.
  • Nearby MRT Stations: The development is conveniently located near the Orchard Boulevard MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line, which is just a two-minute walk away, and the Orchard MRT station on the North-South line, which is accessible via a 10-minute walk.
  • Major Expressways: For those who drive, the development is accessible via major expressways like the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), providing ease of travel across the island.

Transport Links

Cuscaden Reserve’s transport links are robust, ensuring residents can easily navigate the city:

  • MRT Connectivity: The development’s proximity to Orchard Boulevard MRT station and Orchard MRT station ensures seamless connectivity to various parts of Singapore.
  • Bus Services: There are bus stops located nearby, such as Aft Cuscaden Rd and The Regent Singapore, providing additional public transport options.
  • Road Network: The closeness to major expressways like the PIE and AYE allows for convenient vehicular travel.

Surrounding Amenities

Cuscaden Reserve is surrounded by a wealth of amenities that cater to the needs of its residents:

  • Shopping Malls: Nearby shopping malls include Tanglin Mall, Tudor Court Shopping Gallery, and the iconic ION Orchard, among others, offering a wide range of shopping and dining options.
  • Educational Institutions: The development is close to several international schools such as Chatsworth International School, ISS International School, and local schools like Alexandra Primary School and Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary).
  • Recreational Spaces: Residents can enjoy nearby lifestyle and recreational venues such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Fort Canning Park, and various country clubs.

Unit Mix & Pricing Strategy

Unit TypeSize
1-Bedroom + Study700 sqft / 65 sqm
2-Bedroom807 sqft / 75 sqm
2-Bedroom With Private Lift807 – 818 sqft / 75 – 76 sqm
2-Bedroom + Study With Private Lift936 sqft / 87 sqm
3-Bedroom + Study With Private Lift1,163 sqft / 108 sqm

Featuring a diverse range of unit types, including 1 to 3-bedroom apartments with various configurations, Cuscaden Reserve presents a compelling mix tailored to different preferences. The spacious layouts and premium finishes add value to the offerings, aligning with a pricing strategy that reflects the development’s exclusivity and quality. Potential buyers can explore options that suit their lifestyle while considering the project’s investment potential.

Cuscaden Reserve Cuscaden Reserve Condo Floor Plan 1 Bedroom Study A1.jpg

Potential Selling Points

The meticulously designed units at Cuscaden Reserve offer residents an unparalleled living experience marked by elegance and comfort. The thoughtfully crafted floor plans, luxurious amenities, and strategic location contribute to the project’s appeal, making it an attractive choice for discerning homebuyers seeking sophistication and convenience.

Prime Location

  • Prestigious Address: Located in the heart of Singapore’s Orchard Road precinct, Cuscaden Reserve offers a prestigious address synonymous with luxury and exclusivity.
  • Proximity to Orchard Road: Its location near Singapore’s premier shopping and entertainment belt provides residents with unparalleled access to high-end retail, dining, and lifestyle amenities.


  • MRT Access: The condominium is just a short walk from the Orchard Boulevard MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line and the Orchard MRT station on the North-South Line, offering excellent connectivity across the city.
  • Ease of Travel: For residents who drive, the development’s accessibility to major expressways like the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) ensures convenient island-wide travel.

Architectural Excellence

Cuscaden Reserve Cuscaden Reserve Repriced for Sale
  • Design Pedigree: Cuscaden Reserve is designed by the world-renowned architect Jean Nouvel, whose work is known for its innovative and iconic style.
  • Bespoke Living: The development offers bespoke interiors and a curated living experience, with a focus on luxury and attention to detail.

Exclusivity and Privacy

Cuscaden Reserve Cuscaden Reserve Where art design and lifestyle converge
  • Limited Units: With only 192 units spread across a 28-storey tower, Cuscaden Reserve provides an exclusive living environment for residents.
  • Private Lift Access: Select units come with private lift access, enhancing the sense of privacy and exclusivity.

Quality and Craftsmanship

  • Reputable Developers: The collaboration between SC Global Developments, New World Development, and Far East Consortium ensures a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.
  • High-End Finishes: The condominium features high-end finishes and fittings, catering to the tastes of those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Investment Potential

  • Strong Rental Demand: The development’s location in a prime district, coupled with Singapore’s status as a global financial hub, may result in strong rental demand from expatriates and professionals.
  • Capital Appreciation: Properties in District 10 have historically enjoyed robust capital appreciation, making Cuscaden Reserve a potentially sound investment.

Proximity to Lifestyle Amenities

  • Cultural and Recreational Venues: Residents can enjoy nearby cultural venues like the National Orchid Garden and recreational spaces such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
  • Access to Education: The development is also close to several reputable international and local schools, adding to its appeal for families.

Drawbacks & Challenges

Despite its many virtues, Cuscaden Reserve may face challenges related to its location, land size, pricing, and long-term investment potential. Factors such as market fluctuations, competition from neighboring developments, and evolving buyer preferences could impact the project’s success. Navigating these challenges effectively will be crucial for ensuring sustained demand and value appreciation over time.

Pricing and Affordability

  • Initial High Launch Price: Cuscaden Reserve was initially launched with prices averaging around S$3,800 psf in 2019. This high entry price point could be a significant barrier for some potential buyers, considering the premium pricing in comparison to other residential properties in the area.
  • Price Adjustments: In a strategic move to boost sales, the development was relaunched at an estimated price of S$2,900 psf, which is approximately 23% below the last transacted median price of $3,777 psf in December 2023, and 13% lower than the original median price at its initial launch. While this price adjustment makes the development more accessible, it also reflects the challenges in the high-end property market and may affect the perceived value of the investment.

Market Competition and Future Developments

  • Competition from Nearby Developments: The presence of other luxury condominiums in the vicinity and the upcoming launch of a residential-cum-commercial site in Orchard Boulevard, awarded to UOL Group and Singapore Land Group, could intensify market competition. The top bid for the Orchard Boulevard site was 32% below the record price for the site on which Cuscaden Reserve now sits, potentially affecting the market positioning of Cuscaden Reserve.

Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) Implications

  • ABSD Deadline Extension: The developers of Cuscaden Reserve secured an ABSD deadline extension to 2024, indicating challenges in selling all units within the initial timeframe. This extension is crucial as selling all units within a specified timeframe has become more challenging for prime district projects, partly due to the hike in ABSD to 60% for foreign buyers. The need for an extension and the implications of ABSD could be a concern for potential investors regarding the liquidity and demand for units in such high-end developments.

Investment Considerations

  • Price Sensitivity Among Local Buyers: With the prime district seeing subdued foreigner participation, the developers have lowered prices to appeal to local buyers, who are more price-sensitive. This strategy indicates a shift in target demographics and underscores the importance of pricing strategies in attracting buyers in a competitive market.

Developer’s Track Record

With SC Global Developments Pte Ltd spearheading the project alongside esteemed partners from Hong Kong, Cuscaden Reserve benefits from a developer with a proven track record of delivering upscale condominiums characterized by exquisite designs and superior quality. The collaboration between these industry leaders underscores the development’s commitment to excellence and innovation.


In conclusion, Cuscaden Reserve represents a compelling opportunity for those seeking luxury living in one of Singapore’s most coveted districts. The project’s blend of premium amenities, strategic location, and reputable developers sets a strong foundation for success. While challenges exist in a competitive market landscape, the project’s strengths position it favorably for long-term growth and desirability. Homebuyers looking for an upscale residential offering with investment potential should consider Cuscaden Reserve as a prime choice in District 10.

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2 months ago

How does Cuscaden Reserve’s pricing strategy stack up against other developments in District 10? It’s intriguing to see how they adjusted their prices to enhance accessibility. Do you think this move will attract more buyers looking for a luxurious yet affordable option in such a prime location?