Parc Esta Review: Prime Location and Family-Friendly Amenities for Modern Living?

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Parc Esta presents an enticing opportunity for both investors and homeowners. The condo’s strategic location near Eunos MRT station provides excellent transport links and convenience for residents. The unit mix offers a variety of sizes to cater to different family needs, although some units exhibit inefficient use of space. In terms of affordability, Parc Esta’s price per square foot is reasonable compared to neighboring developments, making it a competitive option in the market.

The abundance of nearby amenities, including schools, grocery shops, shopping malls, and recreational facilities, enhances the overall appeal of Parc Esta. The condo’s proximity to various schools and easy access to public transportation further solidify its attractiveness for families with children.

Despite minor flaws such as noise from nearby roads and limited sports facilities within the development, Parc Esta’s high take-up rate of 68% reflects its strong appeal in the property market. The anticipated development plans in the area, such as the relocation of Paya Lebar Airbase, suggest potential growth and increased demand for rentals and resale properties in the future.

Overall, Parc Esta stands out as a promising investment opportunity with its convenient location, diverse unit offerings, reasonable pricing, and proximity to essential amenities. It is definitely a project worth considering for those looking to venture into the property market in Singapore.

Parc Esta is a vibrant condominium project located in District 14 at Sims Avenue. Developed by MCL Land Limited, this 99-year leasehold property boasts a plethora of amenities and facilities that cater to families and investors alike. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Parc Esta a standout choice in the real estate market.

Three Main Takeaways

  • Family-Friendly Environment: With a wide range of child facilities and schooling options, Parc Esta is an ideal choice for families with young children.
  • Prime Location: Situated in a mature estate with easy access to transportation hubs like Eunos MRT, Parc Esta offers convenience and connectivity.
  • Investment Potential: The development’s proximity to upcoming developments like the Greater Southern Waterfront and Paya Lebar area makes it a promising investment opportunity.

Project Details

ProjectParc Esta
AddressSims Avenue
Tenure99 years
Site Area376,716 sqft
No. of Units1,399
DeveloperMCL Land Limited

Floor Plans

Located in the vibrant city-state of Singapore, Parc Esta stands out as a premier condominium development. Designed to cater to a diverse range of family sizes and lifestyle needs, this development offers an impressive array of unit layouts, ensuring that every resident finds a home that suits them perfectly.

Key Features of Parc Esta

Parc Esta comprises 1,399 units spread across nine elegantly designed blocks, each rising up to 18 storeys. The floor plans are thoughtfully varied, ranging from intimate 1-bedroom units to expansive 5-bedroom homes. Here’s a closer look at the range of unit sizes:

Thoughtful Design

The units at Parc Esta are characterized by their squarish and regular layouts, which maximize the use of space. This thoughtful design ensures that every square foot is efficiently utilized, providing residents with a comfortable and spacious living environment.

Unit Mix

Unit TypeNo. Of UnitsSize of Units (sqft)
1-Bedroom216420 – 529
2-Bedroom193581 – 753
3-Bedroom178904 – 1,109
4-Bedroom541,119 – 1,335
5-Bedroom181,399 – 1,604

Site Plan

Parc Esta Parc Esta Sitemap Large

Parc Esta is a luxurious residential development located in the vibrant district of Eunos, Singapore. This condominium project, developed by MCL Land, spans a substantial land area and offers a comprehensive range of facilities and amenities. The site plan of Parc Esta is meticulously designed to provide a harmonious living environment, integrating lush landscapes, recreational facilities, and residential units.

Parc Esta

Urban Living with Impeccable Design

In urban environments, the fusion of functionality and aesthetics is crucial for creating living spaces that are both practical and visually appealing. Impeccable design principles play a key role in optimizing the layout and utilization of space in urban dwellings.

Parc Esta Condo Unit Floor Plans

Grand Parc

Grand Parc serves as the central hub of the development, featuring the following key facilities:

  • Majestic Tree Atrium: A picturesque setting with a reflective pond and a sunken party lounge, providing a serene environment for relaxation.
  • Signature Arrival Court: A grand foyer that welcomes residents and guests with its elegant design and lush openness.
  • Lantern Isle: An area adorned with bespoke lights, creating a soothing ambiance with calm waters.

East Parc

East Parc focuses on fitness and wellness, offering:

  • 50m Lap Pool: A large pool for swimming and aquatic exercises.
  • Aqua Gym: Integrated into the pool, featuring state-of-the-art facilities for a comprehensive workout.
  • Outdoor Multi Gym: Equipped with a variety of weights, benches, and cardio fitness equipment.
  • Fitness Suite: An indoor fitness area for residents to maintain their exercise routines.

West Parc

West Parc is designed for leisure and social activities, including:

  • Parc Clubhouse: The social heart of Parc Esta, featuring a function room and a poolside dining verandah.
  • Pool Pavilion: An area for relaxation by the poolside, complete with cabanas and chill-out lounges.
  • Grill & Dine Island: A dedicated space for outdoor dining and social gatherings.
Parc Esta Parc Esta Condo Lagoon Pool 2

What Recreational Facilities Are Available at Parc Esta?

Parc Esta offers a wide range of recreational facilities to cater to the diverse needs of its residents:

  • Fitness Corner: A designated area for outdoor exercises.
  • Gym: A fully equipped indoor gymnasium.
  • Hammocks: Relaxation spots scattered throughout the development.
  • Jacuzzi: For a soothing and relaxing experience.
  • Lap Pool: A 50-meter pool for swimming enthusiasts.
  • Lounge: Comfortable areas for socializing and unwinding.
  • Pavilion: Sheltered spaces for gatherings and events.
  • Playground: A safe and fun area for children to play.
  • Pond: Tranquil water features that enhance the landscape.
  • Tennis Court: For residents who enjoy playing tennis.
  • Yoga Corner: A peaceful spot for practicing yoga and meditation.

How Does Parc Esta’s Site Plan Enhance the Living Experience?

Parc Esta’s site plan is designed to maximize the living experience by integrating natural elements, recreational facilities, and residential units seamlessly. The development’s layout ensures that residents have easy access to all amenities while maintaining a sense of privacy and tranquility. The use of lush landscapes and water features creates a serene environment, making it an ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Additionally, the strategic placement of facilities within the three distinct areas ensures that residents can enjoy a variety of activities without having to leave the development. Whether it’s a workout at the gym, a swim in the lap pool, or a social gathering at the clubhouse, Parc Esta provides a comprehensive living experience that caters to all aspects of life.

Price Range & PSF

Unit TypeStrata Area (sq ft)Price Range (SGD$)Price per Square Foot (PSF)
1 Bedroom420 – 549$815K – $911K$1,940 – $2,169
1 Bedroom + Study517 – 624$965K – $1.045M$1,866 – $2,011
2 Bedroom581 – 753$1.187M – $1.202M$1,575 – $2,069
2 Bedroom Premium700 – 861$1.216M – $1.382M$1,732 – $2,032
2 Bedroom + Study829 – 1,023$1.333M$1,303 – $1,609
3 Bedroom904 – 1,109$1.428M – $1.748M$1,292 – $1,576
3 Bedroom + Flex958 – 1,119$1.502M – $1.697M$1,344 – $1,525
3 Bedroom Premium1,023 – 1,206$1.622M – $1.866M$1,585 – $1,704
4 Bedroom1,119 – 1,335$1.823M – $2.032M$1,629 – $1,922
4 Bedroom Premium1,227 – 1,410$2.016M – $2.209M$1,641 – $1,900
5 Bedroom1,399 – 1,604$2.548M$1,590 – $1,821

Pricing Comparison with Other Condos Nearby

When considering a property investment in Singapore, it’s crucial to evaluate how it stacks up against nearby developments. Here’s a detailed comparison of Parc Esta with other condominiums in the vicinity, focusing on pricing and price per square foot (PSF).

Overview of Competing Condominiums

Park Place Residences

  • Price Range: $1.48M for 646 sqft
  • PSF: $2,291.02

The Navian

  • Price Range: $1.046M for 2-bedroom units
  • PSF: Approximately $1,850

Eunos Green

  • Price Range: Not specified
  • PSF: $966

The Geranium

  • Price Range: Not specified
  • PSF: Approximately $1,300 – $1,400 (estimated based on typical market rates for freehold properties in the area)

Key Insights

  • Parc Esta: The PSF for Parc Esta ranges from approximately $1,303 to $2,409, with an average around $2,178. This positions it competitively against other local developments.
  • Park Place Residences: With a PSF of $2,291.02, it slightly surpasses the average PSF of Parc Esta, likely due to its prime location and newer facilities.
  • The Navian: At an approximate PSF of $1,850, it presents a more budget-friendly option compared to Parc Esta, appealing to cost-conscious buyers.
  • Eunos Green: Featuring a significantly lower PSF of $966, it may be an older development or offer fewer amenities.
  • The Geranium: Estimated PSF of $1,300 – $1,400 suggests it could be a middle-ground option with decent facilities.

Price and PSF Comparison Table

CondominiumPrice RangePSF
Parc Esta$1.303M – $2.409M$1,303 – $2,409
Park Place Residences$1.48M$2,291.02
The Navian$1.046M$1,850
Eunos GreenNot specified$966
The GeraniumNot specified$1,300 – $1,400

For potential investors and home buyers, Parc Esta stands as a competitive choice with its varied PSF range, balancing between luxurious offerings and affordability. Each nearby condominium brings its unique selling points to the table—whether it’s the prime location of Park Place Residences or the affordability of The Navian and Eunos Green. Understanding these factors can aid in making an informed decision tailored to one’s financial capacity and lifestyle preferences.

By presenting this information clearly and concisely, prospective buyers can better appreciate the value propositions of each condominium in comparison to Parc Esta.

Transport & Location

Parc Esta is strategically located in the vibrant district of Eunos, Singapore, offering excellent connectivity and accessibility to various parts of the city. This section provides a detailed overview of the transport options and the surrounding amenities that make Parc Esta an attractive residential choice.

Proximity to MRT Stations

One of the key highlights of Parc Esta is its proximity to Eunos MRT Station, which is just a 3-minute walk away. This station is part of the East-West Line, providing residents with direct access to key areas such as the Central Business District (CBD), Changi Airport, and other major parts of Singapore.

  • Eunos MRT Station (EW7): 230 meters, approximately a 3-minute walk.
  • Paya Lebar MRT Station (CC9/EW8): 1.13 kilometers, approximately a 1-stop ride from Eunos MRT.
  • Kembangan MRT Station (EW6): 1.16 kilometers.
  • Ubi MRT Station (DT27): 1.42 kilometers.
  • Marine Parade MRT Station (TE26) (Due 2023): 1.62 kilometers.

Bus Services

Parc Esta is well-served by numerous bus routes, with several bus stops located within a short walking distance:

  • Eunos Station Bus Stop: Serves buses 2, 2A, 7, 13, 21, 24, 26, 28, 30, 30E, 51, 60, 60A, 61, 63, 63M, 67, 93, 94, 94A, 150, 155. Located 50 meters away, approximately a 1-minute walk.
  • Eunos Interchange: Serves buses 60, 60A, 61, 63, 63M, 76, 93, 94, 94A, 150, 154. Located 150 meters away, approximately a 2-minute walk.
  • Aft Lor 106 Changi: Serves buses 2, 7, 7A, 13, 21, 24, 26, 28, 30, 30E, 51, 60, 61, 63, 63M, 67, 67W, 93, 94, 150, 155. Located 150 meters away, approximately a 2-minute walk.
  • Kg Ubi CC: Serves buses 154, 76. Located 240 meters away, approximately a 3-minute walk.

Road Connectivity

For residents who drive, Parc Esta offers convenient access to major roads and expressways:

  • Sims Avenue: Immediate access from the condo.
  • Jalan Eunos: 150 meters away, approximately a 1-minute drive.
  • Changi/Still Road: 500 meters away, approximately a 2-minute drive.
  • East Coast Road: 1.6 kilometers away, approximately a 2-minute drive.
  • Nicoll Highway: 2 kilometers away, approximately a 3-minute drive.

Nearby Amenities

Parc Esta is surrounded by a plethora of amenities, ensuring that residents have everything they need within easy reach:

Shopping Malls

  • Kinex: 1.51 kilometers.
  • Paya Lebar Quarter: 1.92 kilometers.
  • Paya Lebar Square: 2.01 kilometers.
  • I12 Katong: 2.32 kilometers.
  • Katong Shopping Centre: 2.63 kilometers.
  • Parkway Parade: 2.81 kilometers.
  • Bedok Mall: 2.92 kilometers.
  • Bedok Point: 3.44 kilometers.


  • NTUC FairPrice (Eunos Crescent): 0.40 kilometers.
  • NTUC FairPrice (Joo Chiat Complex): 0.51 kilometers.
  • Giant (Tanjong Katong Complex): 0.98 kilometers.
  • Sheng Siong Hypermarket (Tanjong Katong): 1.00 kilometers.
  • NTUC FairPrice (Lengkong Tiga): 1.09 kilometers.
  • Giant (Kampong Ubi): 1.36 kilometers.
  • NTUC FairPrice (Katong Village): 1.55 kilometers.

Food Centres

  • Old Airport Road Hawker Centre: 3.40 kilometers.
  • East Coast Lagoon Food Village: 5.50 kilometers.

Other Amenities

  • SingPost Centre (Paya Lebar): 2.20 kilometers.
  • Geylang East Public Library: 2.90 kilometers.
  • Chinese Swimming Club: 3.41 kilometers.
  • East Coast Park: 3.72 kilometers.
  • National Stadium: 4.22 kilometers.
  • Marina Bay Sands: 7.64 kilometers.

Parc Esta’s prime location offers unparalleled convenience with its proximity to Eunos MRT Station, extensive bus services, and easy access to major roads and expressways. The surrounding amenities including shopping malls, supermarkets, food centres and recreational facilities further enhance the living experience for residents. Whether relying on public transport or driving, Parc Esta provides excellent connectivity making it an ideal choice for those seeking a well-connected and vibrant living environment.

Developer Reputation

MCL Land Limited, the developer behind Parc Esta, has a solid track record of delivering quality projects in Singapore. Known for their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, MCL Land has established a reputation for creating homes that meet the needs of modern residents.

Why Choose Parc Esta?

Parc Esta, located in the vibrant district of Eunos, Singapore, offers a compelling mix of convenience, luxury, and modern living. Here are several reasons why Parc Esta stands out as an excellent choice for potential homeowners and investors.

Why Choose Parc Esta?

Parc Esta Parc Esta Location Map

Prime Location and Excellent Connectivity

Proximity to MRT Stations: Parc Esta is strategically located just a 3-minute walk from Eunos MRT Station on the East-West Line, providing residents with direct access to key areas such as the Central Business District (CBD), Changi Airport, and other major parts of Singapore. This proximity ensures that commuting is convenient and efficient.

Bus Services: The development is well-served by numerous bus routes, with several bus stops located within a short walking distance, enhancing connectivity to various parts of the city.

Road Connectivity: For residents who drive, Parc Esta offers easy access to major roads and expressways, including Sims Avenue, Jalan Eunos, and the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), facilitating quick travel across the island.

Comprehensive Amenities and Facilities

Extensive Facilities: Parc Esta boasts a wide range of amenities designed to cater to diverse recreational and lifestyle needs. These include a 50-meter lap pool, gym, tennis court, fitness corner, hammocks, jacuzzi, lounge, pavilion, playground, pond, and yoga corner. The development also features unique facilities like the Aqua Gym and the Lagoon Pool, providing residents with ample options for relaxation and fitness.

Commercial Shops: The presence of commercial shops within the development, including a 7-11 and FairPrice Express, adds to the convenience, allowing residents to access essential services and goods without leaving the premises.

Thoughtful Design and Spacious Layouts

Unit Variety: Parc Esta offers a diverse range of unit types, from 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom apartments, catering to different family sizes and lifestyle needs. The units are designed with squarish and regular layouts, maximizing the use of space and ensuring efficient furniture placement.

Architectural Features: The development features an iconic lantern-inspired architectural design that transforms into shimmering jewels at nightfall, adding unique character to Singapore’s skyline. The spacious and well-planned layout of the blocks ensures that common areas do not feel crowded, even during peak times.

Competitive Pricing and Investment Potential

Price Range and PSF: Parc Esta offers competitive pricing with a range of unit types and sizes. The price per square foot (PSF) ranges from approximately $1,303 to $2,409, making it a competitive option in the market.

Investment Potential: The strategic location of Parc Esta near the emerging Regional Centre in the East, coupled with its proximity to Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ), enhances its investment potential. The ongoing development and growth in the area are expected to drive up rental demand and property values, making it an attractive option for investors.

Quality of Life

Lush Landscapes and Open Spaces: Parc Esta is designed with extensive landscaped areas and open spaces, creating a serene and pleasant living environment. The development features lush greenery, water features, and well-maintained common areas that enhance the overall quality of life for residents.

Community and Social Spaces: The development includes various social and recreational spaces, such as the Parc Clubhouse, Poolside Dining Verandah, and Sunken Party Lounge, fostering a sense of community and providing residents with opportunities to socialize and relax.

upcoming Condos

Parc Esta provides a harmonious blend of convenience, luxury, and modern living in a prime location. With its excellent connectivity, comprehensive amenities, thoughtful design, competitive pricing, and strong investment potential, Parc Esta stands out as an ideal choice for both homeowners and investors. Whether you are looking for a comfortable home or a promising investment, Parc Esta delivers a well-rounded and attractive option in the dynamic district of Eunos.

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