Treasure At Tampines Review: Price Ranges and Investment Insights for Homebuyers!

Treasure At Tampines Review

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Treasure at Tampines, located in District 18, offers a massive 2,203 units on a 99-year leasehold. The condo boasts a plethora of amenities in its vicinity, including multiple shopping malls, food centers, and hospitals. The development features a variety of unit sizes, from 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom units, catering to different needs.

Price-wise, Treasure at Tampines provides affordable entry prices compared to similar developments in the area. However, the sheer number of units raises concerns about overcrowding in common spaces. The location, although slightly far from the CBD, is well-connected by public transport with Simei MRT station within walking distance.

The condo’s proximity to major expressways like the PIE ensures convenient private transport options. Residents can access various essential amenities within walking distance, including supermarkets, schools, and recreational facilities. The development offers an impressive array of facilities, including 11 pools, a gym, clubhouse, dining pavilions, and more.

Despite the concerns about unit density, Treasure at Tampines provides spacious units with functional layouts. The development’s emphasis on practical living spaces, coupled with its extensive range of amenities, makes it an attractive choice for families looking for a well-connected and vibrant community living experience in the Tampines area.

In conclusion, Treasure at Tampines offers a balanced mix of affordability, convenience, and amenities, making it a promising residential option for those seeking a lively and well-equipped living environment in the heart of District 18.

Treasure at Tampines is a massive condominium project located in District 18, specifically at Tampines Street 11. With a total of 2,203 units, it is considered the largest condominium project in Singapore to date.

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Here is a detailed review of this development:

Main Takeaways:

  • Massive Number of Units: With 2,203 units, Treasure at Tampines offers a wide range of options for potential buyers.
  • Abundance of Amenities: Residents can enjoy a plethora of amenities in the vicinity, including food centers, parks, heartland malls, and proximity to 2 MRT stations.
  • Developer Reputation: Developed by Sim Lian Group, known for their quality projects, Treasure at Tampines is a highly anticipated development.

Project Details:

ProjectTreasure at Tampines
AddressTampines Street 11
Tenure99-Year Leasehold
No. of Units2,203
Site Area650,000 sqft
DeveloperSim Lian Group

Floor Plans:

The floor plans at Treasure at Tampines offer a variety of layouts to cater to different needs and preferences. From 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom units, there is a suitable option for everyone.

Unit Mix:

Unit TypeArea (sqm)Area (sqft)No. of Units
1 Bedroom43 – 45463 – 484231
1 Bedroom + Study4548444
2 Bedroom54 – 57581 – 614265
2 Bedroom Premium61 – 63657 – 678160
2 Bedroom + Study63678313
3 Bedroom76 – 88818 – 947417
3 Bedroom Premium94 – 1011,012 – 1,087344
4 Bedroom115 – 1181,238 – 1,270176
4 Bedroom Premium119 – 1271,281 – 1,367187
5 Bedroom155 – 1601,668 – 1,722110

Site Plan:

Treasure At Tampines Treasure at Tampines Siteplan Large

The site plan incorporates various zones and amenities strategically positioned to prioritize convenience and accessibility for all residents. Here’s a glimpse of the key features:

  • Residential Blocks: Thoughtfully spread across the site to offer residents optimal views and privacy.
  • Swimming Pools: Diverse pool options such as lap pools, wading pools, and leisure pools for varying preferences.
  • Recreational Areas: A range of facilities including BBQ pits, playgrounds, jogging tracks, and tennis courts for recreation.
  • Clubhouse: Equipped with function rooms, a gym, and other communal spaces to foster community interactions.
  • Green Spaces: Landscaped gardens, ponds, and reflexology paths promoting a tranquil environment within the development.

Price Range & PSF:

Treasure at Tampines, a prominent condominium development in Tampines, Singapore, presents a diverse selection of unit types and sizes to cater to various preferences and requirements. The price range and price per square foot (PSF) for units in this development offer a spectrum of options for potential homeowners.

Price Range

The price range for units in Treasure at Tampines varies depending on the unit type and size, ensuring there is something for everyone:

  • 1 Bedroom Units: Starting from approximately $585,000.
  • 2 Bedroom Units: Starting from approximately $750,000.
  • 2 Bedroom Premium Units: Starting from approximately $845,000.
  • 3 Bedroom Units: Starting from approximately $985,000.
  • 3 Bedroom Premium Units: Starting from approximately $1,245,000.
  • 4 Bedroom Units: Starting from approximately $1,485,000.
  • 4 Bedroom Premium Units: Starting from approximately $1,595,000.
  • 5 Bedroom Units: Starting from approximately $1,875,000.

The overall price range for units in Treasure at Tampines spans from $788,000 to $3,000,000.

Price Per Square Foot (PSF)

The PSF for units in Treasure at Tampines also varies based on the unit type and size:

  • 1 Bedroom Units: Approximately $1,263 PSF.
  • 2 Bedroom Units: Approximately $1,291 PSF.
  • 2 Bedroom Premium Units: Approximately $1,286 PSF.
  • 3 Bedroom Units: Approximately $1,204 PSF.
  • 3 Bedroom Premium Units: Approximately $1,230 PSF.
  • 4 Bedroom Units: Approximately $1,200 PSF.
  • 4 Bedroom Premium Units: Approximately $1,245 PSF.
  • 5 Bedroom Units: Approximately $1,124 PSF.

The overall PSF range for units in Treasure at Tampines is from $1,473 to $2,259.

Treasure at Tampines stands out as a versatile option for potential homeowners seeking a wide array of unit types and sizes in the vibrant Tampines area. With a price range spanning from $788,000 to $3,000,000 and a PSF range of $1,473 to $2,259, this development caters to diverse needs and budgets. Whether one is looking for a cozy one-bedroom unit or a spacious five-bedroom home, Treasure at Tampines offers a range of choices to accommodate different preferences.

Treasure At Tampines

Urban Living with Impeccable Design

In urban environments, the fusion of functionality and aesthetics is crucial for creating living spaces that are both practical and visually appealing. Impeccable design principles play a key role in optimizing the layout and utilization of space in urban dwellings.

Treasure At Tampines Condo Unit Floor Plans

Transport & Location:

Treasure At Tampines Treasures at Tampines Location Map

Treasure at Tampines Pricing Comparison with Other Condos Nearby

When evaluating the pricing of Treasure at Tampines in comparison to neighboring condominiums, various factors such as price per square foot (PSF), total price range, and unit sizes play a significant role. Below is an insightful comparison with several nearby condos:

Treasure at Tampines

  • Price Range: S$788,000 to S$3,000,000
  • PSF Range: S$1,473 to S$2,259
  • 3-Bedroom Units: S$985,000 to S$1,354,000

Arc at Tampines

  • Price Range: S$1,128,000 to S$2,150,000
  • PSF Range: S$1,202 to S$1,586
  • 3-Bedroom Units: S$978,000 to S$1,150,000

The Tropica

  • Price Range: S$900,000 to S$1,720,000
  • PSF Range: S$1,222 to S$1,548
  • 3-Bedroom Units: S$1,224,450 to S$1,650,000

The Santorini

  • Price Range: S$780,000 to S$1,720,000
  • PSF Range: S$1,155 to S$1,561
  • 3-Bedroom Units: S$1,330,000 to S$1,720,000

Parc Central Residences

  • Price Range: S$1,150,000 to S$2,340,000
  • PSF Range: S$1,227 to S$1,601
  • 3-Bedroom Units: S$956,000 to S$1,069,000


  • Price Range: S$1,150,000 to S$4,150,000
  • PSF Range: S$998 to S$1,590
  • 3-Bedroom Units: S$1,150,000 to S$1,733,000

Pricing Insights

  • Treasure at Tampines presents a competitive price range and PSF when juxtaposed with other nearby condos. The 3-bedroom units at Treasure at Tampines are priced between S$985,000 and S$1,354,000, showcasing affordability compared to some counterparts.
  • Arc at Tampines boasts a slightly higher PSF range but offers competitive pricing for 3-bedroom units.
  • The Tropica and The Santorini exhibit similar PSF ranges, with The Tropica offering marginally lower prices for 3-bedroom units.
  • Parc Central Residences provides a lower PSF for 3-bedroom units, catering to buyers seeking more economical options.
  • Waterview encompasses a wider price range and a lower PSF rate, making it a feasible choice for individuals in search of more spacious units at a reduced cost per square foot.

In essence, Treasure at Tampines amalgamates affordability and amenities effectively, positioning itself as a robust contender in the vibrant Tampines locale.

Developer Reputation:

Treasure at Tampines, developed by Sim Lian Group, benefits from the developer’s stellar reputation and proven track record in the real estate industry in Singapore.

Sim Lian Group Overview

  • Experience: With over 40 years of experience in real estate and construction, Sim Lian Group is renowned for its commitment to quality and excellence in both residential and commercial projects.
  • Track Record: The group boasts an impressive portfolio that includes successful developments like The Lincoln Residences, Rochelle at Newton, and Hillion Residences, showcasing their expertise in delivering top-notch properties.
  • Awards and Recognition: Recognized as one of the Top 10 Developers in Singapore by BCI Asia in 2015 and 2016, Sim Lian Group’s dedication to quality has been acknowledged by industry experts.

Key Projects by Sim Lian Group

  • The Lincoln Residences: A luxurious condominium located in Newton.
  • Rochelle at Newton: Another upscale residential project situated in the Newton area.
  • Hillion Residences: An integrated development in Bukit Panjang that combines residential units with retail and transport facilities.

Treasure at Tampines Specifics

  • Land Acquisition: Acquiring the land for Treasure at Tampines for $970 million marked one of the highest collective sales at the time, demonstrating the group’s commitment to strategic investments.
  • Development Scale: As one of the largest condominium projects in Singapore, Treasure at Tampines comprises 2,203 units spread across 29 twelve-storey blocks, offering a vast residential community.
  • Quality and Amenities: Featuring top-quality fittings from reputable brands like Electrolux and Hansgrohe, along with 128 facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, and recreational areas, the development ensures a high standard of living for residents.

Sim Lian Group’s rich experience, impressive track record, and industry recognition affirm their status as a reputable and quality-focused developer. Treasure at Tampines stands as a testament to their dedication to providing value and excellence to homeowners through its extensive amenities, prime location, and commitment to quality living spaces.

Why You Should Consider Treasure at Tampines:

Treasure at Tampines stands out as a premier condominium development in Singapore, offering a multitude of advantages that make it an appealing choice for both prospective homeowners and investors. Here are several compelling reasons why you should consider Treasure at Tampines:

1. Strategic Location

  • Accessibility: Strategically situated near major expressways like the Pan Island Expressway (PIE), Treasure at Tampines offers convenient access to various parts of Singapore. It is also in close proximity to key MRT stations such as Simei MRT and Tampines MRT, connecting residents to the East-West Line and Downtown Line.
  • Proximity to Amenities: Residents of Treasure at Tampines enjoy a plethora of nearby amenities. From the Tampines Round Market and Food Centre to Eastpoint Mall and major shopping complexes like Tampines Mall, Century Square, and Tampines One, the development caters to diverse needs. Additionally, the presence of Our Tampines Hub, a large integrated community hub, adds to the convenience.

2. Comprehensive Facilities

  • Extensive Amenities: With an impressive array of 128 facilities including swimming pools, gyms, BBQ pavilions, playgrounds, and wellness stations, Treasure at Tampines ensures that residents have ample options for leisure and fitness activities.
  • Modern Design: The contemporary architecture of Treasure at Tampines features extensive use of glass to create bright living spaces. Lush landscaping and water features contribute to a serene and visually appealing environment.

3. Variety of Unit Types

  • Diverse Unit Mix: Offering a broad range of unit types from 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom apartments, Treasure at Tampines caters to various preferences and household sizes. This diversity ensures that there is an ideal option for singles, couples, families, and multi-generational households.
  • Quality Fittings: All units are equipped with high-quality fittings from reputable brands like Electrolux and Hansgrohe, enhancing the overall living experience.

4. Developer Reputation

  • Experienced Developer: Developed by Sim Lian Group, a renowned developer with over four decades of experience in real estate and construction, Treasure at Tampines benefits from the developer’s strong track record in delivering quality residential and commercial projects.

5. Investment Potential

  • Affordability: Competitive pricing at Treasure at Tampines makes it an attractive choice for both homeowners and investors, offering good value for money considering its extensive facilities and prime location.
  • Rental Demand: The strategic location and appealing amenities make Treasure at Tampines a sought-after choice for tenants, ensuring a steady rental demand that is advantageous for investors seeking rental income.

6. Educational Institutions

  • Nearby Schools: Situated close to reputable educational institutions such as Changkat Primary School, St. Hilda’s Secondary School, Ngee Ann Secondary School, and Angsana Primary School, Treasure at Tampines is an ideal option for families with school-going children.

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Treasure at Tampines presents a compelling package of strategic location, comprehensive facilities, diverse unit types, reputable developer, investment potential, and educational proximity. Whether you are in search of a comfortable residence or a sound investment opportunity, Treasure at Tampines offers a well-rounded solution that caters to various needs and preferences.

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