Piermont Grand EC Review: A Closer Look for the Discerning Homebuyer

Piermont Grand EC Review


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Piermont Grand offers a compelling blend of spacious unit layouts and a reputable developer pedigree, making it an attractive option for potential homebuyers. Developed by City Developments Limited (CDL) and TID Residential, it benefits from a strong track record of successful projects. The variety in unit types, from 3 to 5 bedrooms, caters well to different family sizes and needs, scoring high in unit mix and size. Its location in Punggol, while slightly away from the city center, is mitigated by good connectivity through nearby LRT stations and future infrastructure developments like the Punggol Digital District and Cross Island Line extension. These developments are set to enhance the area’s appeal, potentially boosting property values in the long run. The project’s proximity to parks, schools, and amenities like Waterway Point adds to its desirability, reflecting well in its score for nearby amenities. However, its price point, while competitive for its offerings, might still be a consideration for some, given the broader market context. Overall, Piermont Grand appears to be a worthy investment for those looking for a blend of lifestyle, quality, and potential for appreciation in Singapore’s evolving residential landscape.

Nestled in the increasingly vibrant Punggol area, Piermont Grand Executive Condominium (EC) emerges as a noteworthy contender for those pondering the leap into homeownership. This review delves deep into the essence of Piermont Grand, offering a discerning analysis for potential buyers.

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Project Overview and Locale

Piermont Grand is strategically situated along Sumang Walk in District 19, marking its territory as a grandeur development within the Punggol locale. As an EC with a 99-year leasehold tenure, its expected TOP date is on 28 February 2023, promising a fresh start for its future residents.


  • Location: Sumang Walk, District 19
  • Tenure: 99 years
  • Expected TOP: 28 February 2023
  • Total Units: 820 across 13 blocks of varying storeys (9 to 18)
  • Unit Types: Ranges from 3 to 5 bedrooms

Developer’s Pedigree

Developed by City Developments Limited (CDL) and TID Residential, Piermont Grand is the brainchild of industry stalwarts. With a lineage of successful projects like The Brownstone and The Criterion under their belt, CDL’s reputation for quality is well-founded. The project’s land was acquired at a record price of $509.37 million, signaling high stakes and expectations.

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Location Insights & Connectivity

Piermont Grand enjoys a privileged position between Sumang and Nibong LRT stations, making connectivity to Punggol MRT and the broader transport network a breeze. The integration with Waterway Point presents convenient lifestyle options. The upcoming Punggol Digital District and Cross Island Line extension forecast a bright future, further enhancing the area’s appeal.

Neighborhood Charms

The vicinity thrives with amenities. From the doorstep, residents can embark on a leisurely journey along the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk or indulge in the convenience of nearby supermarkets and eateries. Families will appreciate the proximity to educational institutions like Punggol Cove Primary School.

Dwelling Insights

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With a total of 820 units, Piermont Grand offers a diversity in living spaces – from cozy 3-bedrooms to expansive 5-bedroom premium units. The development is thoughtfully segmented into four thematic zones – The Cascades, The Waterfalls, The Lakes, and The Hills, each offering unique lifestyle elements. The standout feature? Its alignment with My Waterway @ Punggol promises residents picturesque water views, especially for the larger units.

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Pricing Strategy & Unique Selling Points

With an average price point of $1099 psf, Piermont Grand positions itself competitively within the EC sphere. Besides its developer’s reputable mark, the comprehensive facilities and strategic location by the waterway play into its allure.

The project is designed to cater to families looking for a blend of luxury and convenience, with thoughtful touches such as smart home systems and Haiku ceiling fans adding to its desirability.

Potential Hurdles

While the project boasts numerous selling points, potential buyers might be wary of the premium pricing in comparison to other options in District 19. The surrounding HDB developments could also affect perceptions of exclusivity. Yet, it’s important to weigh these considerations against the long-term value propositions and ongoing district enhancements.

Concluding Thoughts

Piermont Grand stands as a beacon for those envisioning a future in an evolving Pungal area. Its blend of luxury, connectivity, and future growth potential makes it an attractive option for long-term investors and families alike. With CDL at the helm, quality is a given. However, the leap to EC living comes with its price tag – a factor that buyers will need to reconcile with their aspirations and financial planning.

In essence, Piermont Grand EC is not just about acquiring a property; it’s about investing in a lifestyle and a future teeming with possibilities. For those with an eye on growth areas and who appreciate the blend of nature with urbanity, Piermont Grand might just be the treasure at the end of their real estate rainbow.

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